PSP Blender is a scam!

Written by Tech84 on February 5, 2008


PSP blender advertises that you can download unlimited movies, music etc for a lifetime membership for 37.00$. Sounds great!  So you  registered and payed the 37 dollar membership fee. Then you try to download anything and you just get redirected to several pages, different download sites and ultimately just lands you to torrent sites.

“This type of scam may lead those who don’t know better to believe that they are legally entitled to download copyrighted material via torrents – since they have handed over some money. Sharing, downloading/uploading copyrighted music and files is illegal except via legitimate sites like iTunes.”

The people behind this site has also created a few bogus review sites which sing the praises of their own sites. They appear in forums posing as teenagers and even posts videos on Youtube  saying how cool PSP Blender is.

McAfee’s SiteAdvisor shows that PSP Blender received numerous complaints, and the site is now listed as a “Phishing or other scams” website. It appears there are tons of similar sites out there, and all of them seem to be as shady as this one. Next time you’re surfing the web, be mindful of scam sites.


Hope to help you not to waste your time and money on this Scam site. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think of this site. =)

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10 Responses to “PSP Blender is a scam!”

  1. Metal_Head_Fred says:

    yeah pspblender is an elaborate scam to fool unwitting psp owners wanting to download free stuff.

  2. Ashley says:


    I totally agree with this. The home page looks great, then when you log in as a member all you get is links on the left that load up other people’s sites in a separate window on the right.

    How frustrating. Don’t touch it. And now to try and get my money back using their money back guarantee. Wish me luck


  3. Murali says:

    Hi guys. I wished i have got to this page before i paid. I dont know much about it. I was impressed with the advertisement and paid for it. Now i regret. But i cannot do much. I am trying to get the money back. I dont know if that is possible.


  4. tech84 says:

    I almost got scammed by this site when i was still new to the PSP scene. Good thing i had double thoughts coz back then i still didnt knew anything about homebrew stuff.

    Goodluck to you both on getting your money back. =)

  5. Nelson says:

    Hey btw did u guys know that u can log in some psp paid torrent sites by leaving the username and pass blank? i just forgot which site it was

  6. Vitalli says:

    i dont know, what site is this? ive never heard of paid torrent sites except obviously for pspblender?

  7. Dave says:

    Hey, I just wanted to mention that alot of site that praise up PSP Blender have a comment system much like this, I spent over an hour typing a huge mesage as to why PSP Blender is a scam and afterwards it says “thank you, your mesage is submitted for approval” Of course I did this befoe I did my research and found out that PSP Blender also owns tons of blogs and forums out there and troll the entire place, I wish I could save people from blowing 37.00 on crap. If you wat some torrents geez just e-mail me or look on friggen google. 😛

    Thats my Rant for today, Hope you enjoyed it

  8. Badz says:

    Yes, and if you notice in YOUTUBE all the videos praising PSPblender have their comments disabled..

    Very fishy….

  9. Mustafa says:

    This website cost 37 dollars andall it is a websites that redirects you to different torrent sites.

  10. sman says:

    psp blender sucks

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