How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3

Written by Tech84 on October 29, 2012

Update: Rogero has released the latest version of his custom firmware with Rogero 4.30 v2.05 cfw (which can now be installed via XMB). Here’s the link for the tutorial on How to install Rogero 4.30 v2.05 on your PS3

Good news for PS3 Homebrew fans! Rogero has released an updated version to his initial 4.21 cfw, now with Rogero 4.30 cfw you can now play PS3 games that required higher firmwares and the ability to access PSN/PEN while still enjoying Homebrew on your PS3.

How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3


Here are the steps to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3:

A USB Flash drive (Must be big enough to accommodate the installation files) or an external HD
A PS3 running Official Firmware version 3.55 or
A PS3 running on 3.55 Kmeaw cfw or
A PS3 running on Rogero 3.55 cfw or
A PS3 running on Rogero 4.21 cfw
(other types of cfw not mentioned here have been reported to work but the ones mentioned here are the most common ones that have been confirmed to work)
This will NOT WORK on PS3’s running any Official Firmware higher than 3.55(you will need to downgrade to 3.55 first.)
Also, if you come from a downgraded PS3 (you were on a firmware 3.60 or higher and then downgraded to 3.55) you would need to Dehash your PS3 first.

Installation Files:
Download Rogero 4.30 cfw bundled with Multiman here (Mirror Here)

Here are the steps:
Remove any discs inside your PS3 when performing the update, if you do not, there is a big chance that the PS3 will install the latest Official Firmware that is loaded in Disc instead of the CFW that you want to install. If that happens, you will be stuck with the Official Firmware and would need to Downgrade your PS3 if you want it to run CFW. (Downgrading a PS3 from any Official Firmware version higher than 3.55 is not an easy task and would need hardware flashers etc.)
Note: If you are installing from 3.55, remember to Toggle QA Flag first for a safer install. If you do not know how to do it, here is a tutorial on How to Toggle QA Flag.

1. Extract the files from the Rogero 4.30 cfw .rar we just downloaded (we should have 4 files and one folder named “PS3”)
2. Copy the Folder (“PS3”) to the root of your USB flash drive or External HD
3. Insert your USB or External HD into your PS3 (I don’t know why but people say you should insert it to the slot nearest to the Disc Drive, I inserted mine on a different slot and it still worked perfectly)
4. Turn on your PS3, insert your USB/external HD and go to System update and select “Update via Storage Media”
5. Just follow any on screen instructions that would come up.
6. And you’re done!

Alternatively, you can also install the update while on recovery mode:(it has been reported to be the safer way to update your PS3)
1. Extract the files from the Rogero 4.30 cfw .rar we just downloaded (we should have 4 files and one folder named “PS3”)
2. Copy the Folder (“PS3”) to the root of your USB flash drive or External HD
3. Insert your USB or External HD into your PS3 (I don’t know why but people say you should insert it to the slot nearest to the Disc Drive, I inserted mine on a different slot and it still worked perfectly)
4. While your PS3 is on, turn it off by pressing and holding the power button until it turns off
5. When the PS3 is OFF, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps
6. When this happens, the PS3 should boot up in recovery Mode (if it does not, repeat steps 4 and 5)
7. While on recovery mode, select option 6 (System Update)
8. Just follow any on screen instructions that would come up.
9. And you’re done!

If you are already on Rogero 4.21 cfw, and if the steps above did not work, you can downgrade to 3.55 first and from there you can install the Rogero 4.30 cfw update. Here is a link on How to downgrade to 3.55 from Rogero 4.21

Now you have Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3, you would also need to update your version of Multiman in order for it to work. Here’s the link for the latest version of Multiman .

Credits of course goes to Rogero and the forums at Tortuga-Cove

“This CFW was tested on most PS3 Models by different testers and no problems were encountered. But as any CFW release you must install it with caution and by following proper instructions, No one will be held responsible for any damage caused.” – Rogero

245 Responses to “How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3”

  1. bruno says:

    gente me respondam uma coisa eu instalei o rogero 4.21 mas nas informações do sistema mostra que ta no 4.25 é normal? posso instalar por cima?

  2. n3tflex says:

    Would I be able to play online with this?

  3. nayan says:

    can i install directly over 3.55 kmaew cfw..??

  4. Rob says:

    Is it possible games eboot patch cfw.3.55.
    Play on CFW 4.30
    Or do I have to patch to CFW 4.30
    Is there a program.
    Super good explanation.

  5. nayan says:

    how do i make nand/nor backup..

  6. mani says:

    i have ps3 running on 3.55 ..should i have to update it on 4.30

  7. armin says:

    are you sure it works ?_ don’t i need to back up {my english is bad}

    • Tech84 says:

      It worked for me, and so far no reported problems. But with any cfw installation, there could be issues.Even Rogero himself has posted this:

      “This CFW was tested on most PS3 Models by different testers and no problems were encountered. But as any CFW release you must install it with caution and by following proper instructions, No one will be held responsible for any damage caused.” – Rogero

  8. jim says:

    im on kmeuw 3.55. and did the update with this
    it says
    “Update data of version 1.00 or later can be installed on this system. (8002F967)”
    and ends there. only a go back option on this screen

  9. chuck says:

    i downloaded it and only multiman, showtime and ps3 folder appear, that makes 2 files and ps3 folder but not 4? is it really like this or should i download again?

  10. kal says:

    worked like a charm thanks
    was running 3.55 kmeaw
    went with the recovery mode method

  11. Joel says:

    I have a theory to installing this on a ps3 that can’t be downgraded to 3.55 …..

    the theory is in this video i posted on youtube:

    all it is saying is that if you have a ps3 on 3.55 and install the 4.30 CFW and then remove the Hard drive and put it in a ps3 that was last updated to OFW 4.30 and see if it boots into CFW

  12. Balbon says:

    Bro i have ps3 cfw 3.55, i dont know whether it 3.55 Kmeaw or Rogero 3.55 cfw because i just got if from my friend. You can play games from ps3 internal hard disk but u need to insert firstly original BD to play copy games. I want to update to Rogero 4.30 cfw, is it compatible with my current cfw version? Also can i still play original BD games and my old copy games after i updated to Rogero 4.30 cfw? Thanks in advance!

    • Tech84 says:

      If you can play games via HD then it means you are using cfw, so it also means that you can update to Rogero 4.30 cfw. ANd for your second question, it’s also a yes. =)

      • Balbon says:

        Thanks for your quick answer. In addition, since I can update to Rogero 4.30 cfw, do I need “DEHASHING” before i do the update in my cfw version right now or I can do the update without configuring anything? Also if I install Multiman, it will overwrite the old one or I need to delete the old multiman firstly?

        • Tech84 says:

          As for de-hashing, you would only need to do that if you were previously using OFW and then Downgraded to 3.55 cfw, other than that you dont need to dehash it. As for multiman, deleting it is not necessary since it would automatically over write the old install with the updated version.

  13. ev says:

    im on 4.30 ofw is there any way i can install this

  14. Imtiaz says:

    Hello Brother…Right now I am in Trueblue CFW…. Is this possible to update in Rogero 4.30 cfw?

    • Tech84 says:

      Unfortunately I’ve read some people bricking going to Rogero 4.30 from TB. SO i would suggest to downgrade to 3.55 first, because 3.55 is safer than TB.

  15. weedz says:

    oh man. what should i do if this turns out?Update data of version 1.00 or later can be installed on this system 8002F967. and where should i found QA

  16. weedz says:

    oh man. what should i do if this turns out?Update data of version 3.50 or later can be installed on this system 8002F967. and where should i found QA

  17. ddrak says:

    Hello, I have a PS3 with 3.55 official firmware, do I need to “jailbreak” it by installing kmeav cfw 3.55 first or can I just install rogero 4.30 cfw right away?

    • ddrak says:

      I forgot to say, I never had any other custom firmware installed, it’s basically a clean ofw 3.55 now… thanks

      • geniusrafaelus says:

        so far from what i’ve seen/read it’s best to change your OFW to CFW first.. so go with KMEAW 3.55 or Rogero 3.55 then update to Rogero 4.30..i’d recommend installing the QA Rebug too after you go to CFW 3.55.. apparently you can’t enable the qa rebug once you are beyond 3.55..

  18. gusgc says:

    I’m on OFW 4.25 i want to downgrade to 3.55 can i do this? i’ve seen videos downgrading via .PUP is this legit? will it brick my ps3? please advice

  19. geniusrafaelus says:

    i’m currently on rogero 4.30 v1.00.. i’m trying to install version v1.03 but it says that the package is corrupt.. tried both through XMB system update and recovery mode update..should i even bother updating the version?

    • Tech84 says:

      You will need to downgrade back to 3.55 using the guide to install that minor update, so if you ask me it’s not really worth it.

      • geniusrafaelus says:

        oh alright man. that sucks though hahaha i should’ve read some more stuff before i updated..i’m thinking, do the QA pack, then do the update…thanks for the far v1.0 is working alright, although i’m concerned about these things included in the updated pack:
        – Loading games from App_home Icon is now fixed.
        – It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.30 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed
        – Games can be loaded from Disc Icon (with Original game in BD) and from app_home (Disc-less, but not all games).

        You’ve got a very informative blog here man…kudos to you!!

      • geniusrafaelus says:

        would you advise doing a system restore to get the v1.03 pack installed? or maybe i should just leave it as it is..

  20. geniusrafaelus says:

    It says update data of version 2.7 or later can be installed on this system (8002F967)…what to do from here? the qa.pkg gives me an error when loading the app…

  21. Tech84 says:

    The QA pkg can only be installed when you are in 3.55 (and the hybrid one), it is say something like that try updating via recovery menu and when something comes up just press select + start

  22. jager0 says:

    hi i have ofw 4.30 can i downgrade from that without the e3 flasher?

  23. Michael says:

    I have tried this on the following:

    – 3.55 OFW (normal mode)
    – 3.55 OFW (recovery mode)
    – 3.55 CFW KMEAW – (normal + recovery mode)

    nothing works. I get the error:

    “update data of version 2.7 or later can be installed on this system (8002F967)”

    What to do next?

    What is this toggle QA and would using that work?

  24. Tech84 says:

    So you are on 3.55 kmeaw now? You should QA toggle first before installing Rogero 4.21 or 4.30. After making sure QA is enabled, install via recovery and when something comes up, just press select + start.

  25. Crosses says:

    Will this work directly over a Trueblue 3.55 CFW? Or will I have to install Rogero 3.55 first?

  26. Keki.. says:

    how to use psn on it automatically activated or there are some steps to access pan on 4.30..thx in advance bro..

  27. Norbee says:

    My PS3 on 3.55 CWF, i did at 2 years ago , i can install 4.30 on recovery mode and neednt install or do something more?

  28. Tech84 says:

    yes, but you should toggle QA first.

  29. Norbee says:

    Oh then i sucked,,, hm, can i use toggle Qa and install 4.30 again on 4.30 system , and will work, or i must downgrade first?

    • Tech84 says:

      toggle QA will only work when you are in 3.55. so if you are already on Rogero 4.30 you need to downgrade first

      but why would you want to downgrade if you are already on Rogero 4.30?

  30. Norbee says:

    bacuese when i want to start a game, million small star on display and the console is chill

    • Need Help Plz!! says:

      Hey Norbee. Do you mean that the ps3 is like stuck on the wallpaper? Did u manage to downgrade back to 3.55? I went straight from KMEAW 3.55 CFW to Rogero 4.30 via the recovery menu and now I can’t access the XMB. It’s stuck.

  31. Belzebub says:

    Hi all i run 3.41 OFW on my PS3 can this Rgero 4.30 CFW work on 3.41 or i must update on 3.55.And one more question can i play games if i have broken my BR drive thanks a lot.

    • Tech84 says:

      Unfortunately you cannot install this on your 3.41 OFW, you would need a hardware flasher in order to downgrade to 3.55 first and then install 4.30 cfw

  32. hadi says:

    i check my fw is 3.55 sc-8 hermes. is it work if i update to rogero 4.3 with your step above

    • Tech84 says:

      I cant say, because I have not tested because I do not have a 3.55 sc-8 hermes. but if you are able to install kmeaw or rogero 3.55 on it you will be able to install 4.30

      • hadi says:

        already installed rogero cfw 4.3 using your tutorial step above. now i play dirt3 n batman arkham city that i cannot play before..tq

  33. Belzebub says:

    Tech you mean i need to do update to 3.55 because i’m on 3.41 i dont need downgrade.

  34. Mark says:

    hi! im on 3.55 KMEAW, do I still need to install the QA toggle? or should I go straight installing the rogero 3.40?

  35. Mark says:

    what is the purpose of the QA toggle??

  36. voodooraj says:

    i havea version 4.25 ? can i update tis ?

  37. phil says:

    please im on kmeaw 3.55…what is the importance and purpose of this QA toggle, i want to go to rogero but i want to make sure ive done the QA toggle if its very important

    • Tech84 says:

      it is done to allow certain functionalities in your console, that is why sometimes when a an installation goes gets an error, usually the solution is to QA toggle first.

  38. whiz says:

    for multiman 04.04.03
    after four time downgraded i finally found the mistake, the step who found error even 3 times upgraded to 4.30 are:
    pre: download 4.30 cfw u will get 1.multiman base, 2. showtime, 3. PS3 folder

    1.downgraded to 3.55
    2.toggle QA
    3.install regero 3.55
    4.install package file toggleQA, multiman base(above),shotime(above).
    5.install regero 4.30 (PS3 folder)
    steps 1, 3, 5, shuold be on recovery mode no excuse , happy to u guys, thanks for thech 84, tortuga-cove

  39. greg says:

    I’m about to pull the trigger on this install, one quick question tho…
    I’m now on 3.55 Kmeaw and I have games saved to the HDD, if I install Rogero 4.3 v1.03 will the games and other data that I have on the PS3 still be there after the upgrade?
    I assume yes at this point since in an earlier post it was said ” October 30, 2012 at 11:06 am You will need to delete the game data, and just reinstall the game data when loading up the game.”
    Just wanted to make sure that the preexisting games will still be there after I do the update.

  40. Asot2332 says:

    Is there a way to downgrade OFW 4.31 to 3.55 to get this jailbreak? or am I stuck with OFW 4.31

  41. […] I remember I did something to the internal ps3 file system to make my ps3 think its a 3.60 console. I edited some sort of file, combo’ed this with F*ckPSN, – something like that. So now, I’m about to follow this guide and go directly from kmeae to 4.3 rogero:How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3 | Tech4idiots […]

    • Djapoo says:

      it’s working just fine but wen i want to play FIFA 13 hard disk online it tells me that there is some update that i need to do 1.02 or something like that what should i do pls answer i really want to play this game in online mode =) thanks from advance

  42. Jez says:

    hi i was on rogero 4.30 cfw an my brother somehow managed to update my ps3 to 4.31 ofw. I have a usb stick with 3.55 kmeaw on it. Would i be able to use this to downgrade from 4.31 ofw or would it brick my console?

  43. daing says:

    wow my kemeaw 3.55 is now running in rogero 4.30
    thank you so much for the tutorial

    dont forget to install multiMAN ver 04.08.01 BASE (20121028). after rogero 4.30

  44. bax says:

    yo tech what version of multiman has been budled with this cfw?
    and is this rogero 4.30 version 1.00 or rogero 4.30 version 2.00?

  45. issa says:

    hi, am on 4.23 demo ,wht can i do?

  46. Need Help Plz!! says:


    I just followed the steps to install Rogero 4.30 CFW from KMEAW 3.55 in recovery mode. It seems to have worked because when I boot up the PS3 it Loads up the epilepsy warning and Rogero logo, I am also able to select HDMI Output.

    However when it goes past the Rogero logo it only displays the PS3 wallpaper and then asks me to update again as it may have not done it properly the first time. Then when going through the steps to update again when it checks for an update it says the data is corrupted???

    Any Ideas?

    • Tech84 says:

      Did you toggle QA first?

      • Need Help Plz!! says:

        No I didn’t…my console has never been downgraded? What shall I do now? I can’t access the xmb screen it is stuck.

      • Need Help Plz!! says:

        I just followed the instructions in the step by step guide…to be fair it does not mention to toggle QA. Just says don’t have a disc in the drive when updating. Please help if you can. I’m sure my console has never been downgraded if that helps. Tnx

        • Tech84 says:

          Can you still access recovery mode? Try re installing the fw there.

          • Need Help Plz!! says:

            Ok I’ll try

          • Need Help Plz!! says:


            I tried re-installing the firmware in recovery mode, no luck there. I was able to downgrade back to Rebug 3.55.3 using ‘REBUG_3.55.3_999_DGR_PS3UPDAT.PUP’

            I have run Toggle QA and the screen went black and my PS3 made 3 quick beeps and then returned to the XMB. I then tried installing from system update and recovery menu and it keeps saying the data is corrupted?

            Any ideas? tnx

            • Tech84 says:

              then it means you are in 3.55 rebug? did you use the 3.55 downgrader?

              alternatively, if you are now in 3.55 rebug try installing 3.55 rogero cfw.

              • Need Help Plz!! says:

                Yo Tech I got it to work by installing Rebug 3.55.3 REX followed by Rogero 4.30 v1.04. I Toggled QA each time before updating and it worked! Thanks to tortuga-cove and dashacks for info. Just an idea Tech but I think you should maybe update the instructions above to include Toggle QA and maybe a link to the .pkg file? This would help noobs (like me) from making errors…maybe? Thanks for all of your help!

  47. […] did a number of searches on the web and I found this tutorial which also included a download link; How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3 | Tech4idiots So I downloaded the .PUP from that site and followed the instructions which seemed very simple. I […]

  48. T1G3R says:

    Sorry to bother, I wanted to ask about the online stuff… You said that now we can play online? How is that? We will be able to connect to PSN and play with NON-JB PS3? Or we need to install something?

    I really want to play online, but I don’t want my PS3 to update/get banned. I never connected and I don’t know how it works. Thanks in Advance.

  49. Zia ulhuck says:

    Hi Tech,

    I have 3.55 CFW and i am playing games via Gaia Manager 2.07 & latest Multiman as well. I want to play latest 4.10 and above version games . If i update the Rogero is my system info shows me the version 4.30 ? and can i play all latest games via my external HDD using Rogero. Please help me

      • Zia ulhuck says:

        Tnx. Can anyone help me Blackops 1 is not working via Gaia Manager or Multiman in 3.55CFW. it was working fine last year and my friend played and finished in my system that too in front of my eyes. now after i installed Showtime and Multiman something strange happening in my PS3. Please HELP…:)

        • Anonymous says:

          Did you update your FW? Also, you might need to delete the game data (the one installed on your system when you 1st played the game)

          • Zia ulhuck says:

            No Still i am thinking to go for Rogero 4.25, however now i am on the same 3.55CFW with Gaia Manager and now recently installed Multiman on my system. As soon as i installed 2.pkg files (1 Multiman 2. Showtime player) I am unable to play 2 of my games which i played earlier. P.S. I deleted Showtime player from XMB menu now CSI works fine but COD Blackops 1 still the same game shows in list but when we select the game only black screen appears and we need to turn off the PS3 to go for XMB screen again. Tnx for your time dude i appreciate your help.

  50. Mcfly says:

    Hi, what version of Multiman and Rogero is that?
    I heard the last one was Rogero 4.30 V2.00 (something like that)
    And Multiman 4.14.04 Stealth

    Also, I heard that in Rogero CFW4.30 you don’t have the install Package files. Is that true? How will I install the multi man?
    Is that why I need QA Toggle?

  51. Zia ulhuck says:

    Hi Mcfly,

    Here is the info from beginning.

    from 2yrs I have CFW 3.55 Slim PS3 320GB Which i was able to play via Gaia manager.(the latest game i played unchartered 3 with patch in .3.55) i have 30 old titles which is working fine via gaia manager.
    Last week i downloaded Showtime for mkv files to play on ps3 and by research i got Multiman latest 4.14.04 i dont know whether is is similar to Gaia manager i installed via pkg installer and able to play whtevr old games i have except CSI and Balckops 1. Once i deleted the Showtime player from ps3 CSI worked but no luck with Blackops 1. I may need to delete the game data and try again it seems i ll do that today and let you knw the outcome.

    My questions are: What is the difference between gaia manager and Multiman 4.14.04 is it possible to play latest games with multiman 4.14.04 with out Rogero

    I do have Rogero 4.30 downloaded ready but i never tried to install because if again i want to go for 3.55 i need flasher which i dont have. so i am blinking

  52. Anshul says:

    Thanks a lo tbro for guiding in detail….. I have some doubts, Please clear them.

    Currently i think i have CFW3.55 coz i can play games backed up in internal as well as external hard disk using multiman backup manager . SO can i update this cfw 4.30 on directly on it??
    1.Should i do QA Flag thing which you have mentioned above or should i directly proceed updating to cfw4.30 skipping that????

    2. After installing, Then will i be able to play new games like Batman Arkham city, COD MW3etc etc by taking backups on my internal and external hard disks , as well as the old games which are currently working as backups on my current 3.55cfw???

  53. Balbon says:

    hi i’m currently on cfw 3.55 [SC-81 Hermes] and planning to update to Rogero 4.30 v2.03? Is it ok to update via XMB with the current cfw i have right now of do i need to go back to OFW 3.55 before update to Rogero 4.30 v2.03?

    If incase its ok to update my current cfw 3.55 Hermes to Rogero 4.30, do i need to apply TOGGLE QA and make NOR/NAND Backup?

    • Tech84 says:

      I have no experience using Hermes, but I have read some reports that it has worked on some but only when they toggle QA so I cannot really say for sure.

      • Balbon says:

        If i want to go back on OFW 3.55, what shall i need to do, just update my ps3 by OFW 3.55 PUP file and that’s it, my console is now running OFW 3.55 from CFW 3.55 Hermes? A’m i right bro?

  54. Balbon says:

    If it’s NOT possible to update from cfw 3.55 Hermes to Rogero 4.30, is it possible to update cfw 3.55 Hermes to Rogero 3.55 then after that, i will update Rogero 3.55 to Rogero 4.30? What do you think sir?

  55. indonese says:

    My cnsole in v3,55 now ,and I always playn game. using hdd ext,if I upgrde to rogero cfw v4.30 ,can I stll playn game who support in cfw v3.55′ like game in my ext hdd now ? Sorry my english is bad?

  56. João says:

    What about error 80010017?
    i´m on 4.30 rogero and when i try to play gta iv or prototype 2, i select them on multiman, it goes to xmb and when i start him comes a black screen and this error. but i can play pes 12, pes 13 and infamous 2 whithout any problem.

    Can you help me?

  57. Anshul Mehra says:

    hey i update my cfw3.55 to cfw 4.30 v2.03. but i am unable to load the 3.55 games from mulltiman. it doesnt load at all. it shows the BD Disc game after rebooting from multiman…… please help me please

  58. Asim says:

    Hi Tech,

    Thank you for an awesome tutorial. I followed your tutorial and update my 3.55 Kmeaw to 4.30 without the QA enalbed. I’ve the exact case like @Need Help Plz.

    Now the system info shows I’m on 4.30 but I can’t seem to play a single game, even though latest MM is installed. How do I put it back to 3.55 CFW so that I can enable QA and then update it to Rogero 4.30? Any help would be much appreciated.

  59. posstimo says:


  60. Ian says:

    Hi, i have upgraded to Rogero 4.30 v1.00
    Can i play online? I have to create a PSN account?
    I have multiman 4.17.00…
    Should I get STEALTH?
    What do I need to play online?

  61. Ranguna says:

    Dude, I just want to say that your site is realy helpful
    Thanks for the post I finaly moved on from my doggle thanks to you 🙂

  62. Balbon says:

    I already updated my cfw from 3.55 to Rogero 4.30 v2.03. I just go back firstly to 3.55 OFW and from there I deleted my installed Multiman ver 04.04.04 but the problem is I cannot totally delete it and says that “An error occurred during the delete operation (80010036)” via XMB and it leaves “CORRUPTED DATA” folder icon under the Games in the XMB. Can anyone please help me how to totally remove this file? It is really annoying when I see this thing. I already installed new Multiman ver 04.16.03 but still the previous Multiman ver 04.04.04 which I tried to delete via XMB still there with 0 kilobites if you check the file information. Thanks!

  63. jatin says:

    whats the password for extraction ?

  64. Riga says:

    Hi tech i’m in cfw 3.55 kmeaw .i just finished download it
    know i have a few questions for you before installing rogero 4.30
    1.if i finish install it ,will the saved data,trophies and such stuff still be there? it so necesarry to install toggle QA before installing Rogero 4.30?
    3.if i finish install rogero 4.30,most people said we have to update the latest it important ? if it so ,how to do it?
    im noobie u know,so please answer.

  65. Merks says:

    my PS3 fat is on 3.55 kmeaw and have gaia manager 2.07 installed….uhmmm..upgrading to 4.30 rogero, will it affect the gaia manager? can i still play my old ps3 games like for example initial d or resistance 2? or i will do something before i upgrade to rogero? im new in jailbreaking ps3

  66. Merks says:

    hello there, my ps3 fat is on 3.55 kmeaw and i have gaia manager 2.07 installed, by upgrading to 4.30 rogero, will it affect the games i played like for example initial d or resistance 2?? Will i install another stuffs? im a noob in jailbreaking ps3

    • Tech84 says:

      I am not familiar with using Gaia manager, but if you upgrade to 4.30, you would need to also install multiman in order for your backed up games to work

    • Zia ulhuck says:


      I do had the same scenario 1 month back. I just installed the Rogero with multiman and now i am able to play latest 4.30 games and what ever i used to play old games via Gaia manager. ( we cant play those via Gaia though since we upgraded to Multiman app Gain will not support 🙁 )so go ahead and follow the proper instructions to update your ps3 with Rogero. Happy playing thanks to Tech84.

  67. timothy vial says:

    Wow…thanks awesome. Nw I cn play fifa 13.
    I just did it in recovery mode.. I didnt do the qa thing. Mine was cfw 3.55
    Thanks for the detailed and clear instructions.

  68. paul t says:

    hey tech are we still able to backup games and play them from hdd and it is ok to download game updates yea

  69. bass84 says:

    ey have ofw 4.31 on my cechc04 (1gen 60gb) it is possible to downgrade to CFW without a flasher?

    when I try to install ofw .4.31 rogero two CFW
      Update data of version 1.00 or later can be installed on this system

  70. Joe says:

    I’m on 3.55 cfw. I have been out of the scene for a while… Does every game work on Rogero 4.30? or do they all work right now for me on 3.55cfw?

  71. ivan says:

    hi, i have ps3 with OFW 3.50, can i install rogero 3.55 or 4.30 directly? or what should i do?

    • ivan says:

      I am completely new on this subject. I dont know what is ”multiman”. Should I install first ” a ” multiman on 3.50 or 3. 55? or installing rogero 4.30 will make me able to play games?

    • Tech84 says:

      I would suggest trying to install Rogero 3.55 first before installing Rogero 4.30

  72. ivan says:

    i installed your new 2.05 in safe mode. now, can i install multiman 4.18.00?

  73. Tuareg says:

    I have Rogero 4.30. How can i check its version whether 2.05 or lower. System info only shows 4.30

  74. Damas says:

    Can fifa 13 be played online with this cfw ?

  75. xxshadowxx01 says:

    link broken

  76. xxshadowxx01 says:

    l always get this whenever i try to download the file. What seems to be the problem and What should i do?

  77. xxshadowxx01 says:

    my screenshot link does not show

  78. xxshadowxx01 says:

    maybe its my internet provider whos blocking me to download that file. tsk!

  79. xxshadowxx01 says:

    wow it worked! Thanks! but do i really need to download the toggle QA file? my cfw is kmeaw 3.55 and my console was originally 3.55.

  80. carlito says:

    why can i play my old games that were already on my hdd. ive deleted all data. plz help

  81. carlito says:

    yes i did

  82. carlito says:

    must i start afresh now because i dont have that files any more only on the ps what must i do in order for them to work

    • Tech84 says:

      One way to fix this is to delete the game data and install anew (the one installed on your system whenever you play a new game)

      One other possibility is you were playing with modified games (games were modified to work on 3.55 cfw or that true blue cfw) The games must be untouched for it to work.

    • Ted says:

      Delete the old game data

  83. carlito says:

    understand now so i can delete all of them and look for the origanals copy them and then it will work?

  84. carlito says:

    ok thanks. can i now play online games?

  85. akabane25 says:

    I just buy my console and it has a Rogero 4.30 but I don’t know the version of 4.30 rogero would it be safe to update directly to 4.30 v 2.05 of Rogero?

    • Ted says:

      I would say yes, because if you are on a lower version it would install the newer one, and if you are already on 4.30 v2.05 it would not install anymore.

  86. carlito says:

    iam having wwe13 copy it but it dont want to start. what am i doing wrong

  87. carlito says:


  88. Hrishikesh says:

    i had downgraded my ps3 from 4.11 to 3.55(not sure if its 3.55)….i dehashed my ps3..i tries to install 4.30 v1.00 but it says “This system can be updated above 3.50 firmware” <– sumthing like this…it shows 3.55 firmware in the system information…in multiman it shows "hermes"..Please Help! 🙁

  89. Hrishikesh says:

    i had downgraded my ps3 from 4.11 to 3.55(not sure if its 3.55)….i dehashed my ps3..i tries to install 4.30 v1.00 but it says “This system can be updated above 3.50 firmware” <– sumthing like this…it shows 3.55 firmware in the system information…in multiman it shows "hermes"..Please Help!

  90. gs says:

    thanks its work fine…
    i was run ps3 game in hdd fine…

    but one question …
    this multiman .rar file are & extra folder ps3 apss
    what is apss and more pkg. file in folder

    how it was necessary for installation….
    please reply

  91. gs says:

    and how to use ps3 apss file…

  92. Thundersama says:

    Sorry, but can you please re-upload the installation files?

  93. Jp says:

    Hi just want to know what shall i do with the 3 remaining file if all I need to update my firmware is the folder PS3?

  94. odiboni says:

    I’m currently in 3.55 Kmeaw. Should I revert back to 3.55 OFW first or it’s safe enough to go to 4.30 directly from kmeaw?

  95. Rebs says:

    The link to Rogero 4.30 cfw installation file is dead. :/

  96. Rebs says:

    Oh the mirror worked. 🙂

  97. lazo says:

    from myself- from game shop they told me i have to update my ps3 that time i can play new games like the run
    the i downloaded from PlayStation site i didnt know . i mustb using custom firmware .but before update we using mM to play mean from memory stick without purchasing the disc .
    i dont know what should i do can u suggest something for me to using mM such as before ?
    if i restore ps3 system (full format) after can i update ur cfw or it damage ps3 system ?

  98. lazo says:

    from myself- from game shop they told me i have to update my ps3 that time i can play new games like the run
    the i downloaded from PlayStation site i didnt know that i must using custom firmware to mM
    but before update we using mM to play mean from memory stick without purchasing the disc .
    i dont know what should i do can u suggest something for me to using mM such as before ?
    if i restore ps3 system (full format) after can i update ur cfw or it damage ps3 system ?

    THANK YOU for ur answer

  99. xMollyEditz says:

    just to make sure, im on rebug 3.55.2, if i instal 3.55 ofw then turn QA on and go into recovery mode and update to rogero 4.30 cfw i should be good? and il hav install packages on rogero? thanks for the help man.

  100. Anders says:

    I have an official firmware 2.80 (Europe) and have never had any custom firmware on my machine, Could somone please suggest all the neccecary steps for update my PS3 (Fat) 80Gb, I would be very thankful. I want to be able to play the latest Tombraider among other games as well.
    I am a total newbie when it comes to mod a PS3, please be patient..

  101. AD says:

    I am currently on 3.41 OFW on my phat ps3 🙂 , wanted to know what the best way is to get onto the Rogero CEX band wagon 4.30 and above CFW.

    Do i need to get onto 3.55 OFW then 3.55 CFW and then attemp this or can i just try this straight from my 3.41 OFW 🙂 Thanks.

  102. Mahd says:

    My sw 3.60 xD and I want to upgrade or downgrade my sw to be able to play copy games ^_^ help me please how to do that ! :))

  103. thomas says:

    in multiman system information i have 3.55 hermes. and in normal ps3 system information i have 4.11. that means i have cfw 4.11? and 3.5 ofw or cfw?

  104. renaldto says:

    what is the function of Condor Updater.pkg file

  105. ali says:

    i successfully upgraded to 4.30
    however when i try to go online using the psn it says that i have to update the firmware in order to gain access, what should i do?

  106. Yatin says:

    okay so my ps3 is on rogero 4.25 cfw…..but when i checked online, there were some websites that said ‘it isn’t actually 4.25 cfw but its 3.55 cfw SPOOFED to 4.25′
    well i have no idea what spoofed is and i dnt even knw if my ps3 cfw is “spoofed’ or not……
    i just wanna know if its safe for me to update my ps3 from rogero 4.25 (i dunno spoofed or not) to 2.30????????

  107. Killerzombie says:

    Hi there my ps3 is on 4.46 and I what to downgrade it 3.55 to jb to 3.55 please can you help me

  108. Kenn says:

    I have 3.55 kmaew cfw and I have no idea what rogero cfw does to the console, but a few friends are telling me to install it. so i have a question: If i upgrade, will i still be able to play my older games from external or internal? and what is the advantage of rogero cfw over 3.55 cfw or vice versa. Please help!

  109. RABBITGUYZ says:

    hi master,

    I try to downgrade my PS3, but after ‘update via storage’ it says ‘Update date version 2.7 or later can be installed on this system (8002F967).

    What should i do?

  110. tarun sharma says:

    hello my name is tarun i have a ps3 slim serial no. cech 2808a and i am on 4.50 ofw will i be able to downgrade to 3.55 plzzz tell me im am in urgent need of jailbreaking my ps3 cause i cant buy original games anymore plzzz help me out

  111. Wale says:

    Please i need your advise. I recently got a ps3. It shows rogero when i turn it on. Its system information shows version 3.72. Multiman is version 4.14. i have a few games installed on the hard drive like pes13, black ops1. The game option shows the 2 folders of (app_home/PS3_game) and (Install file pacakge). I also tried palying a fifa13 and it said i need to updrage my software.

    1) Is this a ps3 CFW?
    2) is this PS3 jail broken?
    3) Can i upgrade to the rogero 4.41 direct and still play my old games and new games?

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