3 things you can do with your old PC’s

Written by Tech84 on June 9, 2014

Due to the rapid improvements in our current PC technology, it now takes a lot less time for your PC model (or specs) to become obsolete. Your super fast processor and video card you bought last year may already be outdated in just a span of one year. As soon as newer technology is introduced to the market, newer and higher specs become the new standard and what was super fast last year, looks outdated this year.

3 things you can do with your old PCs

So what can we do with our old pcs? Here are a few tips:

1. Use it as a backup server.
If the desktop is still working, you can still utilize its processing power and storage space by using it as a backup server for your home network, its cheap and you don’t need to buy an expensive NAS when you can use your old pc for this. You can store your movies, music and other files can can really use the space in your server instead of eating up disk space on your new and primary PCs.

2. Sell it
If you need the extra cash, you can always sell it. It may not sell for the same price when you initially bought it (obviously) but the extra cash might help with your new PC where instead of just buying 8 gigs of RAM, thanks to the extra cash you make from selling it you might be able to afford a 16gb RAM instead. You can advertise what your selling by word of mouth or you can post an ad online. Advertising online to sell your old PC online is not gonna cost you a dime due to sites that lets you post for free, there are a lot of them and you can tell that its free if it says post free ads here on the website.

3. Give it away
Or if you’re the generous type, you can just give it to someone who can still benefit from it. You can give it to your friends, or family members who does not need a super fast PC but just enough to be usable for whatever their need for a PC. Or you can very well donate it to schools or other institutions that may find good use of your old PC. Who knows, the old PC that looks outdated and too slow to you may still seem as a fast and reliable work machine to others especially if they are not really tech savvy enough.

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  1. gs says:

    Hello sir ,

    i am play ps3 Rogerio 4.55 and psn patch get online gaming but sir till the morning i am connect to psn my ps3 than message me. system software is update requied. than how i am. or new system update for rogerio/spoofer and other.. please help me

    thanks with regards

    I am from INDIA

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