Another PS4 jailbreak rumor has been making the rounds today, this time, the Hacker Group known as the Lizard Squad is said to be behind this and will be releasing it this year.

Another PS4 Jailbreak rumor

This time, the new PS4 jailbreak rumor seemingly holds some ground because this involves the hacker group Lizard Squad, the one behind the recent PSN and Xbox Live hack last December. During the hack, Lizard Squad was reported to be able to find a security flaw in the PS4 firmware that allowed them to view the root files in the PS4’s operating process and was able to modify it and run their code.

The news also notes that the hacker group supposedly took their code from a previous PS4 hack made available by a hacker named “Reckz0r”. And that the outcome was a new code that would allow users to be able to play pirated games on their PS4, use PS Plus for free, and can play cracked DLC content for a number of games.

This is where it starts to get highly sketchy, the hacker mentioned made the rounds last year. “Reckz0r” published a tutorial on how to jailbreak the PS4 and allows people to be able to play pirated games using Orbit OS, but eventually his PS4 jailbreak was found out to be a complete fake.

And also, the hacker group Lizard Squad is usually vocal about their activity but we have yet to hear anything from them regarding this news. So this rumor is leaning more towards being a fake.

Only time will tell now, but from the facts above, this news of a PS4 jailbreak is more likely another hoax.

Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “Another PS4 Jailbreak rumor, hacker group Lizard Squad to release it this 2015”

  1. Ted says:

    Lol, the original source of this news is from a site called kdrama, a website that has a notoriety for posting fake and b*llsh*t articles

  2. weird says:

    weird why they hack people does it make them happy that others dont get to play

  3. Anonymous says:

    lol, you cant mine data from ddosing

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