How to Improve Battery Life on iOS 8

The iOS 8 launch was not exactly as smooth as Apple would have hoped, its was marred with a load of problems. From the buggy iOS 8.0.1 update that rendered the TouchID useless, and another update that was supposed to fix the bugs but inadvertently introduced new problems such as the Bluetooth connectivity issues on […]

Bendgate? Here’s the reason why iPhones get bent

Seems like this Bendgate nightmare is quite far from over for Apple. The reason why the iPhone 6 is susceptible to bending has been discovered after opening it up and inspecting the insides of the device. It seems that there is a big design flaw inside the iPhone 6, a weakspot that’s been deemed susceptible […]

The Pandora Carryall, for the always on-the-go techie

Badwolf Outfitters is currently on a campaign with Indiegogo for their Pandora Carryall prototype and they are still looking for backers for their prototype to begin production. The bag is designed with the techie in mind, it features pockets, usb ports, a solar panel and other features a techie with a lot of gadgets will […]

Check out the PS4’s user interface

PlayStation Europe’s English Community Manager Chris Owen has released these images showing off the Sony PS4’s user interface. The following images showcases a few screens from the PS4’s user interface, like home page, video editing screen, the “Share” screen, a friend’s profile page, a “Live Stream” screen, and like with the PS3, the “What’s New” […]

Xbox One design explained 4idiots style

The unveiling of Microsoft’s Xbox One has generated a lot of publicity, not all of it positive. The initial reveal prioritized multimedia over gaming, and as news came out over draconian DRM policies and a lock-down on the second-hand market, gamers got even more irate. Microsoft has since backtracked on a number of the initial […]

Microsoft considered some idiotic names before going with Xbox

The term “Xbox” right now is universally accepted as Microsoft’s first gaming console in their early attempt to enter the gaming scene and compete with Sony and Nintendo, and the word Xbox is short for “DirectX Box” as Seamus Blackley, Godfather of the Xbox explained. Image courtesy of Digitaltrends. But before going with “Xbox” Microsoft […]

PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders sold out at Gamestop

Gamestop is reporting that the company has currently closed pre-orders for the Playstation 4 in the US after Gamestop has sold out all their allocated PS4 launch units. Bad news for those who has not pre-ordered yet, but such high demand for the console is good news for Sony. As you can see from the […]

Microsoft removes Xbox One DRM Features

Today Microsoft has announced a reversal of the very controversial DRM features on the Xbox One. Meaning, the Xbox One no longer needs and internet connection and the Xbox One no longer needs to connect to the internet every 24 hours. The Xbox One will be able to play discs just like any other console […]

Watch the Xbox One reveal Full and in HD

It’s no secret many gamers have been displeased with the Xbox One reveal, focusing too much on being a TV and more of a multimedia device instead of a core gaming console. And not to mention the reveal really did not showcase any new games except for the new Call Of Duty game which is […]

How to capture screenshots on your PS Vita

While taking a screenshot on your PSP was a little harder for the average user, this time Sony has made taking screenshots on the PS Vita a lot easier. Image courtesy of Engadget While the PSP requires you to install external plugins in order to take screenshots from your PSP games, the Vita has made […]

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