MultiMAN v04.55.01 released

Deank has released a new update for Multiman with MultiMAN v04.55.01, the update is also available in the Web Column while on Multiman. Here’s what’s included in the MultiMan 04.55.01 update: * Fixed USB bus scanning and reset for CFW 4.53 and 4.55 * Updated Showtime for mM to version 04.05.302 * Fixed few other […]

PSNpatch 2.30 now available

PS3 Homebrew developer KW has released an update for PSNpatch with PSNpatch 2.30. (This was originally inspired by the works of fellow homebrew developers “stoker25″ and “user”.)

Rogero 4.55 v1.00 CFW now available

PS3 CFW users have been waiting for this for some time now, and thanks to the beta testers along with fellow PS3 developer Habib, Rogero has finally released Rogero 4.55 CFW to the public. Here’s whats included in the Rogero 4.55 v1.00 CFW: ReactPSN patch. Cinavia Disabled for HDD content playback only. noBD/noBT patches to […]

Expect a Rogero 4.55 CFW anytime soon

Update: Rogero 4.55 v1.00 CFW is now available. Just when we thought Rogero is taking a break from the scene, We may expect a Rogero release with Rogero 4.55 CFW anytime soon. Rogero is currently working on a 4.55 CFW and is already in the beta testing phase. PS3 developer Habib is also helping with […]

PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.3.3 for PS3 4.55 CFW

PlayStation 3 developer Nathan_r32_69 has released an update for his SEN/PSN utility with PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler version 5.3.3 along with the SEN Enabler version 5.4.0 so PS3 CFW users can have online access with their consoles. The PSN / SEN Enabler and Disabler v5.3.3 update includes: Added support for OFW 4.55 (bypass, […]

ZER0 Dual Boot OFW 4.55 for PS3 CFW By Team ZER0 and Habib now available

PS3 developer Habib has teamed up once again with team ZER0 for this ZER0 Dual Boot OFW 4.55 for PS3 CFW release. They have previously teamed up for a PS3 4.55 CFW release a few days ago. Dual booting from OFW and CFW is so far the best way to avoid getting banned when playing […]

ReActPSN v3.12 Update Includes Support for PS3 CFW 4.55

An update to ReActPSN has been released with ReActPSN v3.12 that includes supports for PS3 CFW 4.55 The ReActPSN v3.12 update includes: Added auto copy external splitted game to HDD0/GAMES for bdselector. Added forced copy external game to HDD0/GAMES for bdselector & bdloader. Added forced remove game’s internal (HDD0/GAMES) copy for bdselector & bdloader. Added […]

ZER0 4.55 PS3 CFW V1.00 CEX By Habib and Team ZER0 now available

PS3 CFW developer Habib along with the help of Team ZER0 has released ZER0 4.55 PS3 CFW V1.00 CEX for PS3 CFW users. Habib notes that this release currently has no Cobra features but a rather simple CFW: “Seeing so many bricks i finally decided to release our new cfw 4.55, currently there is no […]

MultiMAN 04.55.00 arrives

Update: Multiman 4.55.01 released. Deank has released an update to his popular PS3 file manager with MultiMAN version 04.55.00. This is just a few days after the Official firmware 4.55 update was released. The multiMAN 04.55.00 update includes: Added support for 4.55CFW (tested by Habib) Added 4.55 spoof option to mmCM (do not use on […]

MultiMan 04.50.04

Apologies for the late post, MultiMan 04.50.04 has been out for a while now. Deank has released an update with version 04.50.04 to add support for more 4.50 custom firmwares. Here’s whats included in the Multiman 04.50.04 update: Added support for 4.50 DEX CFW Added support for 4.46 Cobra/Rogero CFW Added “Switch between mmCM and […]

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