PSNPatch v4.65.10 Now Available

PS3 homebrew developer KW has released a new version of PSN Patch with PSNPatch v4.65.10. The App is now available for PS3 CFW users wanting to play online with their PS3 running CFW. What PSN Patch primarily does is that it temporarily disables CFW on your PS3 and spoof the Console ID so you can […]

IrisMAN v3.30 now available

PlayStation 3 developer Aldo Vargas (aka Aldostools) has released an update to his PS3 File Manager IrisMAN with Irisman v3.30 with BD Unmount and PS3 File Manager Tools. For those of you who don’t know, IrisMAN is a PS3 file manager just like MultiMAN, although MultiMan is obviously a fan favorite and a lot more […]

Habib Cobra 4.65 v1.02 with ToolBox

Following up on his previous release, PS3 developer Habib has released an update to his CFW with Habib Cobra 4.65 v1.02 with ToolBox. Habib Cobra 4.65 v1.02 with ToolBox now includes PS3 ISO support for BC (backwards compatibility) and Semi-BC models with details below.

PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.6.1 for 4.65 CFW Released

PS3 developer Nathan_r32_69 has released PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.6.1 for 4.65 CFW for safer access to PSN with your CFW enabled PS3. Please note that even though PSN patch tries to make your CFW PS3 look like it’s running OFW, by spoofing your ConsoleID, PSID, disables CFW syscall and deletes all game […]

Unofficial MultiMAN v04.65.00 released for PS3 CFW 4.65

Please note that this Multiman release is an unofficial version and was released by PS3 developer Isleofdoom and not by Deank. This release is for users with PS3’s running 4.65 CFW like Habib’s 4.65 v1.01 CFW. No word yet if Deank is working on an update for an official Multiman update but since some users […]

Habib 4.65 CFW v1.01 Released

PS3 developer Habib has released an update for his CFW with Habib 4.65 CFW v1.01 after the 4.65 cfw v1.00 he released a few days ago

Habib 4.65 CFW v1.00 Released

While everyone is waiting for Rogero to release an update for his 4.55 cfw, and still no word after the leaked Rogero 4.60 CFW, Sony has already released 2 firmware updates for the PS3. And other devs like Habib has stepped up by releasing their own CFW updates for the latest PS3 firmware 4.65. And […]

Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 CFW Leaked

Ever since the official PS3 firmware 4.60 version has been released by Sony, Rogero fans have been longing for an update from their favorite CFW. But news has been scarce and its been a few weeks but still no news from the Rogero camp. But until a few days ago, a beta version of Rogero […]

MultiMAN 04.60.00 Now Available

Deank has released an update to his popular PS3 file manager MultiMan with version 04.60.00. The update, although a big one, brings nothing really much else except for the one important thing that MultiMan 4.60.00 has included support for 4.60 CFW.

PS3 4.60 Spoofer Enabler-Disabler v1.01 now available

Good news for CFW users, PS3 homebrew developer Arch has released the 4.60 Spoofer Enabler-Disabler v1.01 for those CFW users affected by the Mandatory 4.60 update released by Sony yesterday. Image source:Joystiq The PS3 Firmware 4.60 was released yesterday much to the surprise of CFW users requiring them to update their PS3 systems in order […]

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