How to Install A PSP Demo

This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to install a PSP Demo. Step 1) You will first need to find a psp demo you want to install.

Official PSP Firmware 4.05

Important! If you are currently playing games from your memory stick and if you are running on custom firmware, DO NOT,  i repeat, DO NOT install this update. Installing this firmware update will prevent you from playing games from your Memory Sticks and will disable your PSP’s Homebrew Capabilities. So if you want to continue playing […]

DS outsells the PSP and Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 in Japan

There must be something in the water in Japan right now… The Handheld console wars are still on i guess…

PSP-3001 discovered on FCC website!

Remember that article about the PSP-300 reference discovered at the Playstation Website? (Read here.) Apparently the PSP-3001 is real.

Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher for PSP

What is this? And why? ======================================== Dubbed Recovery Flasher, the application can be run from within the recovery menu on any PSP running custom firmware. Upon launch, users are presented with a number of options, allowing them to back-up and restore content on the PSP’s flash memory, ranging from XMB theme files to license data […]

32GB Memory Stick for your PSP!

SanDisk and Sony recently revealed a new version of Sony’s flash media: The PRO-HG series. The PRO-HG series delivers faster continuous write speeds (up to 60MB/sec) and larger capacities of up to 32gb! And because it is backwards compatible, it means that its good news for PSP users because you can be able to use […]

Japanese PSP Software and Hardware Charts

Phantasy Star Portable debuted at the top of the Japanese charts with a surprisingly huge number this week, around 340,000 copies. The PSP on the top of the charts with 61,181 units sold while the DSlite comes dangerously close with 57,398 units sold.That’s the fourth best start for a PSP game after Monster Hunter Portable […]

Phantasy Star Portable – Japanese Ad

Sega’s Phantasy Star Portable is clearly targeting the two factors that made Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G a very succesful game: Multiplayer RPG games and the PSP. Here’s a Japanese ad for Phantasy Star Portable:

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Trailer

Square Enix is giving a lot of love for the PSP. With Final Fantasy XIII Agito and Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday also coming to the PSP, we got ourselves a lot of sure-fire hit games coming to the PSP. Details about the story are still little, but however, we do know that the game […]

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