Cobra Black Fin dongle will allow PS Vita users to run isos

Written by Tech84 on December 8, 2015

Seems like the PS Vita is getting some love from not hackers exactly, but more like pirates.

Black Fin dongle will allow PS Vita users to run isos

The Cobra Black Fin is a dongle that you can use in order to play ISOs on your PS Vita, meaning people can pirate Vita games and play them for free. This news comes as a surprise since the ability to play ISOs on any device requires a custom firmware to run.

The interesting thing about this “Hack” is that it’s not a software that you install on your PS Vita, but rather a cartridge that looks like your typical PS Vita game cartridge that you insert on your Vita. Playing ISOs on the PS Vita wont be easy, here’s how Black Fin works:

The Cobra Black Fin is (like a torrent) that relies on peer-to-peer (p2p) sharing of games. In order to play any ISO of a Vita game, you would need someone to have the original game cartridge with them and insert the game into the so called “Black Fin reader” that’s connected to a PC, that’s connected to the internet. And then when you try to run the ISO copy on your PS Vita, the Vita will then try to authenticate the cartridge, the cartridge will then look for the original cartridge inserted in the Black Fin reader from the network.

Cobra Black Fin dongle

So from what we gather, the copy of the game (ISO) will be on your SD Card and the Black Fin Cartridge would only be used to authenticate the game you want to play by communicating with the network in which the it will then try to locate an original copy of the game that’s connected to a PC via the Black Fin Reader.

If what this dongle claims proves to be true, its success will rely on the number of people willing to share original games using the Black Fin Reader connected to the computers 24/7. This setup seems unlikely to succeed but we’ll have to see how this will pan out.

Here is the full press release for the Cobra Black Fin from their website:

The Black Fin allows Vita and Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their Vita games over the internet.

The Cobra Black Fin Emulator card stores game ISO’s on Micro SD and the Black Fin Card is then inserted into the Vita/Vita Slim console

When connected to the Black Fin servers authentication of the Vita game is performed by matching the ISO on your Micro SD card to the same original game running on a peers’ Black Fin reader connected to his PC and the Black Fin servers or friends’ servers.

You might ask why it is necessary to authenticate the game you wish to play using an original card connected to a server?

Vita has a very secure card authentication mechanism, which to date has not been penetrated and is based on secure cryptography. It is unlikely that a direct authentication method which avoids having to use a peer to peer system will appear any time soon. As a result Cobra has designed a unique and cutting edge peer to peer sharing device which allows users to share their favourite games with friends over an internet network.

Vast resources have been poured into designing a flash card which is the same size as the original Vita card itself. Yes, the Cobra Black Fin squeezes all of its technology into a card no bigger than a Vita game card with tons of features and packing serious hardware power! When you look at the circuit board design and components used you start to understand the expertise and time required to pull off a design of this magnitude.

Expect release of the Cobra BlackFin end of December 2015..

Resellers can reserve their stocks in advance by e-mailing: [email protected]

Initial batch is sure to sell out fast, so be sure to reserve your stocks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Stay tuned for more information and further picture and video presentations.

Aside from security concerns having a PC connected to whatever network the people behind this will be running, we all know what happened to the True Blue Dongle way back for the PS3 so we understand one might be skeptical with any of these hacks that require dongles. So we’ll see how this pans out (if what they claim is true) once it gets released to the masses.

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