This is one proof that despite news of Goggle Glass being banned in some bars, there is still much high demand for it. Google Glass appeared in an auction in Ebay and bids went as much as up to $95,300! That only shows that indeed the Google Glass is in High demand.

Google Glass reached $95,000 on Ebay before getting removedImage courtesy of Gizmodo

Google ran a contest back in February offering winners to become “Glass Explorers” that will let them be the first to buy the Glass and be able to test it out. And yes, the Glasss would not be given for free, but essentially winning the contest only gives the winner a chance to buy the Google Glass for $1,500. Which is pretty expensive is you ask me. Despite the price range, this is still a pretty neat experience to be part of the exclusive group able to test out the Google Glass.

One winner, a guy named “Ed from Philadelphia”, had a different idea after wining the contest, he planned to auction off his Google Glass on ebay in the hopes of being able to pay his student loans. The starting bid for the Google Glass was initially only for $5,000. And within only 4, days the bids reached $95,300 for the Glass. This would have been a huge bankroll for “Ed” but after learning some news he had to shutdown the auction.

Google Glass reached $95,000 on Ebay before getting removed

Obviously, Ed wasn’t so happy about this as he released this statement:

The auction is being removed, due to finding out that Google Glass cannot be resold once obtained.

Since I have not received anything other than confirmation from Google that I have been selected for the #ifihadglass contest, I was not given the terms of service agreement that those who received the first batch did indicating the device could not be resold.

So, all of you who apparently have no life aside from posting in forums about this auction can sleep well tonight knowing that the glasses will not be sold.

Sorry for being a recent college graduate that was hoping I could possibly resell my Google Glasses to help pay down my student debt. Yes, I am everything that’s evil in the world. Anyway, nothing to see here anymore. Take a screen shot, it will last longer!

According to Forbes, he also said that Google did not contact him in any way about the auction and removing the listing was done “voluntarily” because he “didn’t want to jeopardize my getting a pair of Glass”. This was after reading the TOS which states that:

If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.

Well that’s too bad, it seems that you cant even try on a friend’s Google Glass.

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