Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 CFW now available

Written by Tech84 on October 20, 2013

Now that Rogero 4.50 CFW is out, Habib has also released an update to the Habib CEX 4.50 V1.02 CFW he released earlier, what the Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 update brings is that it disables BD Cinavia.


Here’s how to install Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 on your PS3:

Installation Files:
Download Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 here. (194.77 MB) (Mirror 1)(Mirror 2)

A USB Flash drive (Must be big enough to accommodate the installation files) or an external HD
A PS3 running Official Firmware version 3.55 or
A PS3 already running any CFW. (Rogero, Kmeaw, Habib etc)

Here are the steps:

1. Download the file “HABIB 4.50 V1.03.PUP“ and rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP
2. Create a new folder on the Root of your USB flash drive or External HD and name it “PS3” ( it would look like this: x:PS3 where X is the drive)
3. Create a new folder inside the “PS3” folder we just created and name it “UPDATE” . ( it would now look like this: x:PS3/UPDATE)
4. Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file we renamed and place it inside the “UPDATE” folder we just created. ( it should now go something like this: x:PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP)
5. Insert your USB or External HD into your PS3
6. Turn on your PS3, go to System update and select “Update via Storage Media”
7. Just follow any on screen instructions that would come up.
8. And you’re done!

Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 features:

  • Made out of 4.50 ofw
  • Have install package files and app_home
  • Have ReActPSN compatibility
  • Patched all coreos ecdsa check
  • Patched lv2 to add peek/poke support
  • Patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection
  • Patched lv1 to add peek/ poke support
  • It can run games signed with keys up to 4.50
  • Can be updated over any cfw
  • Can be updated over 3.55 ofw
  • Added no bt/bd patches
  • RSOD bypass
  • ReActPSN offline patch added
  • Better system stability
  • PSP remaster support added
  • QA flag enabled by default if ps3 was QA on 3.55
  • Removed remote play restriction
  • In game screenshot enabled
  • Cinavia protection removed (new in v1.02)
  • Cinavia protection disabled on your Blu-ray (new in v1.03)
  • [Source]

    NOTE: Upon reading around the net I read that some users are saying that some of their console’s homebrew capabilities not working after installing this update. So my advice would be, if you do not have a flasher lying around and know how to use it, you might want to wait around until we can have more info about the stability Habib 4.50 version 1.03 before you update to this CFW.

    Tested on various models, no problem encountered but as any cfw release do not blame me if something goes wrong. – Habib

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    3 Responses to “Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 CFW now available”

    1. Esa says:

      my ps3 cfw is rogero 4.50, can i upgrade my ps3 to habib 4.50???

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure if you can directly update it to Habib 4.50 V1.03, the surefy way to do a clean install would be to downgrade to 3.55 using rogeros downgrader and then install Habib cfw from there.

        any reason you can to switch to habib from rogero? there are some people having trouble with this particular version.

        • Esa says:

          because I was interested in its features, and I want to play psp games from psp remaster. but I do not so I switched to Habib and stay on Rogero. Thank you 🙂

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