How to Dehash your PS3

Written by Tech84 on December 11, 2012

This tutorial is very important for all PS3 owners who have downgraded their PS3’s, (may it be from OFW 3.55+ and used hardware flashers to downgrade back to 3.55, or for those who downgraded from Rogero 3.xx and above) and would like to install the latest Rogero Custom Firmware.

What Dehashing basically does is it resets the PS3’s Syscon hashes back to 3.55 with both “ros0” and “ros1”, making your PS3 back into an original/non-downgraded state and you do not need to worry about disabling LV1 checks when you install any CEX/DEX or the latest PS3 Official Firmware.

(The first part is basically the same with my other tutorial about how to Toggle QA flag on your PS3, Toggle QA only works in 3.55 OFW or CFW)

Here’s How to Dehash your PS3:

1. Download QA Toggle pkg here
2. Copy the file to the root of your USB or external HD
3. Insert your USB/External HD to your PS3
4. On your PS3, go to “Install package Files” and install the QA Toggle PKG
5. Once installed, run the “Rebug Toggle QA” on your PS3, (The screen will go Black and you will hear 2 or 3 Beeps and when finished it will go back to the PS3′s XMB, and if error comes up, just repeat this step.)
6. Go to “Network Settings” (do not open it) then all at the same time, press the following key combo : L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down (its hard you might want to get an extra hand for this)
7. If the QA Flag was done correctly, you will see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings, and Install Package Files.

Now you have a Dehashed PS3 and the next step is to go to recovery mode.

Here’s is how to activate recovery mode on your PS3:

1. While your PS3 is on, turn it off by pressing and holding the power button until it turns off
2. When the PS3 is OFF, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps
3. When this happens, the PS3 should boot up in recovery Mode (if it does not, repeat steps 1 and 2)

When you are now in recovery mode, you can now install any firmware that you want, may it be Rogero 4.30 or the Latest Official Firmware from Sony. (just select option 6)

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47 Responses to “How to Dehash your PS3”

  1. Ari$a says:

    Hey do I need to do this to upgrade from Rogero 4.21 to 4.30?

  2. Nhick says:

    This one is worth trying, hope everything works as expected. Thanks Tech84 for this wonderful tips.

  3. Azie says:

    I’m a bit confused. I’m getting my PS3 downgraded to 3.55 via e3 flasher. Do I have to do this before downloading rogero 4.30 cfw 2.05 or what? if yes, how can I install a pkg file on the ofw? sorry if I have made a mistake

  4. Nino says:

    Guys i will be buying a PS3 slim (used) over ebay and i am unsure if i should dehash or not. It’s kinda unknown if it was downgraded or not. So my question is – can dehashing the PS3 cause any damage if it’s NOT been downgraded? I am just asking since i am unsure if it has been downgraded or not. Thanks a lot!

    • Ted says:

      It would be better if you can you ask the seller about the firmware history, I am not sure though, but dehashing would simply do nothing if the system was not downgraded.

  5. Nino says:

    And what about CFW downgrade? If the PS3 was running Rogero 4.30 then the seller removed it so that it’s on normal 3.55 again – do i need to do a Dehash or does this only count on systems which have been downgraded from OFW with for example Eflasher. Thanks for the answer.

  6. ali says:

    My ps3 has the official firmware(4.31) ,
    how can l run rogero 4.30 on it( if possible)?

  7. JusttZikkoo says:

    Hey, thank you for the great tip, but i have a question:

    I’m now on 4.30 OFW and i want to downgrade to 3.55 OFW
    Can i do it with the “4.25 to 3.55” update??? (Then dehashe) please answer :/

  8. JusttZikkoo says:

    I mean 4.31, sorry 🙂

  9. Boatz says:

    I’m now on CFW 3.55 and I’m now playing Dungeon Siege III but not yet finish. If I upgrade my PS3 to CFW 4.30 Rogero I want to know if my saved games from those on CFW 3.55 can be played on CFW 4.30 Rogero?

  10. Ali Asad says:

    Can i play PS3 Games 3.55 to 4.31 or 4.30 to 4.31 ?

  11. gs says:

    hai.. he was work ps3 super slim models….

  12. gs says:

    please tell me

  13. EZ says:

    Thanks you for your guide on how to dehash. I’ve never done this before but after reading your post I now better understand why it may be required.

    I have OFW 3.55 on my PS3 and CFW installed over it v4.21.1 and want to upgrade it to 4.30.1 and use spoof of 4.40, not for games, just things like VidZone and YouTube.

    The only ever time I upgraded a CFW, I went into Recovery Mode as described in the eHow guide: How to Go Back to OFW 3.55 in the PS3 Recovery Mode
    By Sara Bailey, eHow Contributor. I never dehashed, I just downgraded to 3.55 OFW then upgraded straight to newest CFW that I wanted. Is this safe method to do or not? It doesn’t run the risk of bricking the console? I need to be absolutely certain on this.

    I need to downgrade my Rebug 4.21.1 CFW to a 3.55x CFW so I can install Linux distro and then I will upgrade to a newer version Rebug. I know downgrading to 3.55 OFW is safest way to ensure no bricking, I always want to take this step as a precautionary measure even if it isn’t 100% necessary (I believe it is) but how to safely downgrade to OFW – to hash or not? I am still slightly unclear on this as I have no experience doing this….just need some assurance, thank you. I just need advice on how best to safely do this, I think the downgrade is not always very well explained on forums. Any help is much appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rogero 4.30v2.05 is the most stable and the equivalent of 3.55 KMEAW and you can install it over rebug without downgrade

  14. headlypark says:

    thx the only thing that worked to downgrade from 4.21 tryed everything. bit tricky to push (L1 + L2 +L3 + R1 + R2 +DOWN ON DPAD) but then instaled 3.55 like a dream no error (8002f157) 🙂 bioshock here i come

  15. sam says:

    hy man i got ps3 super slim v4.21…few days back and doesnot know much abt it so plzz answer some of my ques:-
    1 i installed jailbreak it but not able to find any backup manager for shows errors suggest me links..2 is custom firmware/jailbreaked fw same 3.what all i can do after jailbreaking it 3 what is rogero fw..4.can it be downgraded to 3.55

  16. daniel says:

    can anyone tell me can i play pirated games cd on my ps3 only by jailbreaking it and without installing any pkg files

  17. DjBlack says:

    Hi im now on 4.25cfw how to install rogero

  18. Francis says:

    Hi Tech84,

    My PS3 is running on OFW 3.41. Can I update it to latest 4.40 from Sony website then install Rogero 4.40 v1.03? Is there any problem may occur?

  19. Bill says:

    Hi Tech84,

    My colleague got a 2nd hand fat 80GB PS3 which was on 3.55 OFW, I put him on 3.55CFW Kmeaw with no problems, I had already upgraded my PS3 to Rogero 4.40 v103 with no problems, so I then tried to do it for my colleagues the install kept jumping from 33% upto 100% in half a second and when going into the xmb the screen suddenly got jammed with white lines and locks up, my other friend then told me about this Dehashing of the PS3 and that my colleague possibly bought a downgraded PS3 which had not been dehashed, is there anything we can do because when we go into the systems setting and manage to see before it locks up the firmware is on 4.40… any advice?

  20. Bill says:

    Thanks Tech84,

    I’ll try this after work and let you know the outcome.



  21. kostas5ever4 says:

    hey guys i have ps3 4.40 ofw .how can i update it back to 3.55? plzzzzzzz help me .thnx

  22. damuho says:

    i have rogero 3.70 on my ps3.. do i need to dehash it first before upgrading to rogero 4.40? or can i upgrade straight to 4.40? need help guys.. plz help..

  23. bruno says:

    hey tech i installed jailbreak on ps3 super slim on firmware 4.21 i want to unjailbreak it as i m not able to find any pkg files for it so i want to unjailbreak it plzzzzzzzzz help me man m on firmware 4.41 currently plzz provide me file where i can unjailbreak it

  24. Iqbal says:

    My PS3 is 4.21 Sony original Version
    How can i Install Rogero 4.30 ????

  25. Jason says:

    i got my ps3 downgraded not long ago to OFW 3.55 its now running 3.55.2 Rebug, do i still need to dehash, if i do does that mean i can go on DEX, 4.21.2 REX and the rest?

  26. mrzodiax says:

    i was on the ofw 4.46. then downgraded it to 3.55 using e3 flasher. now i m on 3.55 rogero. i tried to update it to 4.46 but it gave me error. i even tried to update it through recovery but no avail. the error says corrupted data. i hve no idea what to do now .can u please help me

    • Anonymous says:

      did you dehash first? also try installing the higher cfw via recovery mode

      • mrzodiax says:

        i dont know weather my ps3 was dehashed or if not then i will dehash it first and then try to install it.and what do u meant by saying install a higherr version of cfw i was trying to install rogero s latest cfw . can u please help me out to upgrade it as i cant play latest games without installing proper fixes

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