How to improve your computer’s performance

Written by Tech84 on November 30, 2013

A while ago we published an article on how to improve your computer’s performance at no cost, this time around we’ll be discussing a few basic tips on improving your PC’s performance when you have some money to spend.

How to improve your computer’s performance

Antivirus Software

From the last article, we mentioned that you can get basic antivirus protection by downloading free antivirus protection software, these programs will offer you basic protection from the common viruses and Trojans but despite being free, these still offer you a fair amount of protection when it comes to overall PC protection from external sources. And then there are paid antivirus programs out there that offers a whole lot more than you typical free software like Bitdefender’s antivirus software, they offer much more than what you can get from basic antivirus protection. They offer a lot more than free ones like Firewalls, Antispam, Device anti-theft and even Parental controls. You’ll be surprised at the level of protection these types of antivirus software can offer you once you go the paid route.

PC Optimization Programs

PC optimization Programs are a blessing for those PC users who are not tech savvy or those who have no idea how computers works and only knows how to use them for basic uses like Email, a few games and social media (Facebook, twitter, etc). Mind you, there are a lot of shady companies out there that offer you to use their own PC optimization program that you will need to download and install, these shady programs will just basically collect all the information they can get from you and use it for their own. When buying programs like these you should be wary and go to more well-known brands like Bitdefender for these types of programs. They have this service called Tech Assist, which basically all you need is to go and check out the website and then select what kind of optimization you are looking for and the site will automatically give you a few products that will offer a solution to your optimization questions. Like for example, if you are looking to optimize your system, obviously you should try out their PC optimizer. Even if you are already a tech savvy pc user, you can still find these optimization programs very useful since they would do all the work for you in just a few clicks.

Add more RAM

Well this is a no-brainer, you can and you will always need more RAM eventually. Back in the day, 512MB of RAM was already more than enough to use Windows XP efficiently, since 128MB was the minimum and having that much RAM was already optimal. But nowadays, with Windows 7 and windows 8 needing more and more RAM, you should not go for the basic minimum RAM required but should go for at least twice that much. 2 Gigabytes isn’t going to cut it anymore, your basic minimum should be around 4gigs and if you have extra cash, you should go for 8 gigabytes of RAM as a minimum. Since RAM does not cost as much as they used to back in the day, you should go for as much RAM as you can get.

Use SSDs

SSDs or Solid State Drives are a lot more faster and stable than your regular Hard Disk Drives. You instantly notice the difference in access and load times of your files and programs when they are stored in your SSDs. The only thing about SSD right now is since it’s a fairly new technology, SSDs cost way more pricier than regular HHDs. As of now, you should only go this route if you have money to burn.

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