How to partition your disk drives

Written by Tech84 on December 9, 2013

The saying, “dont put all your eggs in one basket” applies to almost everything, and that includes your computer system.  What is means is that you should not save all your important files and other documents of the same importance in just a single location in your computer so you can avoid the risk of loosing all your files in case of system failure or wipeout. 

It is recommended every time that you  should partition your disks drives during a fresh install of a new operating system,. You should set a different partition for your system files and a different  partition for other miscellaneous and other important files. Although the files located in your system drive will have noticeably faster loading and access time the your files that are located in a different partition,  the reasoning behind this is that in case of a system failure or in case of a system wipeout due to a virus or user error,  only the files and documents that are located inside your system drive will be deleted but not the files and documents that are located on a different partition of the disk. Even if you reinstall windows or format the the drive due to a virus, your files located in a different partition or drive will not be lost.  

Partitioning a disk is fairly easy to do when installing a Windows based system, like with windows 7, you will be asked by the installer whether you would like to partition your disks or not. You will be able to select how many partitions to create and you will be able choose how big or how small each partition will be. But the question now is if you want to partition your disks and you do not want or need a fresh install of your operating system. You can do this by using tools like EaseUS Partition Master.  

This partition magic tool is very easy to use, you do not need to reformat and create a fresh installation of your operating system in order to just create a new partition or new partitions of your disk drives. They have a tool called Partition Magic, which has a trial software you can use and try before you actually buy the product. It offers different functionalities aside from partitioning your drives like  creating a magic boot CD you can use to boot up your system in case of a system error which prevents you from booting up your computer. 

Normally, when you partition a disk you will be asked what size each partition of the disk will be. Once this is done, the disk partition sizes are permanent and you would need to reformat or delete partitions if you want to make any changes. One neat tool you can do by fix this problem  is the partition magic for windows 7.  What it does is that it can help you resize your already existing partitions in case you made a mistake of making one partition too small or too big. This is a very helpful tool if you want to migrate to windows 7 from an earlier operating system or if you want to dual boot two separate systems for your computer.

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