How to play PS2 games on your PS3

Written by Tech84 on August 4, 2013

Don’t we just hate it that next-gen consoles does not support previous gen games? And that when the console actually does support previous gen games, the compatible games titles are very limited.

How to play PS2 games on your PS3

And for the PS3, only the older 20GB, 60GB and 80GB models can play PS2 games. The newer PS3 models including the PS3 Slim and Super Slim PS3s are not backwards compatible with PS2 games due to hardware incompatibilities (they did not include the chips used for hardware emulation). And even when you have a backwards compatible model, not all PS One and PS2 games can be played on the PS3, you can check the list of playable PSone and PS2 games here.

But thanks to Homebrew, it’s now possible to play almost every PS2 game on a PS3 running custom firmware.

Here’s how to play PS2 games on your PS3:

* A PS3 running CFW, or the latest Rogero cfw
* The latest version of Multiman
* A PS2 game disc or
* A backed up copy the the game (ISO)

Here are the steps:

1. Open Multiman and go to the web column and download the “PS2 Classics Placeholder” and “ReActPSN” PKGs
2. Once those have been downloaded, exit multiMAN
3. On the XMB, go to GAME> INSTALL PKG Files, then install the PS2 Classics Placeholder PKG.
4. After installing, repeat the steps and this time install the ReActPSN PKG.
5. After installing, to back to the XMB and create a new user named “aa” (without the quotes)
6. Once created, log in with that user.
7. Once logged in, to go GAME, then run ReActPSN. Your console will now reboot. (If you see a notification saying you require a hard drive check on your system, just let it finish)
8. When your PS3 turns back on, you can now log in with your original user name. (If you want, you can delete the newly created user “aa” and even ReActPSN as these wont be needed anymore)
9. Insert your PS2 game disc and load up Multiman, you should see the PS2 game under GAME. (If not, check your disc, could be badly scratched or just not working anymore )
10. Once the PS2 game is selected, press Triangle and select “Copy”.
11. A prompt will come up asking if you want the game encrypted, select YES.
12. Once finished, the PS2 game would now show up in the Retro Column, you can now select and mount it to the PS2 Classics Placeholder.
13. Exit Multiman and you’re done!
14. If you want to play the PS2 game you just copied, go to the XMB, then GAME, then open the PS2 Classics Placeholder.

Remember, not all games are 100% compatible.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

22 Responses to “How to play PS2 games on your PS3”

  1. Natsir says:

    does the same steps apply to ps one games?

  2. gs says:

    hello sir,
    i have a problem other,
    I go Ps3 multiman file manager (mmOS) but file manager Screen is Cut … not display full screen,, screen was cut… how to adjust my multiman screen…

  3. Nash says:

    Is there any link to download ‘reactpsn’ and ‘ps2 classics placeholder’ directly to pc and install via xmb. Do i still have to install it if i update to latest rogero v4.60 and multiman 4.46 or is it includede in the latest update already?

  4. Nash says:

    Hi followed instructions but it says exdata file missing. Googled a bit and people talking about .rap files etc. Im confused. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  5. Ortheus81 says:

    I tried the above tutorial and I have the disc for FFX but the copy option is greyed out I can’t select it. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Al Enriquez says:

    Hello Sir,

    I tried the same method but when I opened multiman with the PS2 game, the option to copy the disc is greyed out. I tried this also using other ps2 discs. almost no scratch on my discs, is there something that I am missing?

    I appreciate you help!

    • Ted says:

      What version is your multiman?

      • Al Enriquez says:

        Thank you Ted, I managed to figre it out.

        I opened the multiman 1st before inserting the disk, still the copy option is greyed out so I selected Create ISO after that the ISO image wiould show up under “Retro” then I will select that created ISO and it will prompt to Encrypt the ISO.

        after the process he encrypted file will automatically be saved in my HDD select the game – will auto return to XMB – select PS2 classics and Boom!

        I can now play My King of Fighters cgame collection!

        Thank you for this thread and some other bloggers. there was just one step that was missing for me just yesterday but this thread really helped me a lot!!!

        I now have more reason to play my PS3 over my xbox360

  7. Mihai says:

    When im trying to instal reactpsn at the it says ”can not find exdata on usb disk” how can i fix this problem?

  8. Lumon says:

    i can’t play ps2 classics placeholder on ps3 cfw 4.55 Rogero. “an error occured during the start operation (80029530)”

  9. Jon says:

    When you get an error sometimes its just due to a dirty disc, try cleaning it guys my old discs were dirty thats why some of them did not work.

  10. degolet says:

    hi there, is “lord of the rings – return of the king” compatible with ps3 placeholder? I did exactly the same thing in explanation but when I entered placeholder, PS3 restarts and the game doesn’t start. thanks in advance for your respond.

  11. jhonpaijo says:

    Thanks,nfs most wanted ps2 lebih bagus n seru dari most wanted ps3 cuma menang di grafik

  12. jhonpaijo says:

    Thanks,nfs most wanted ps2 lebih bagus n seru dari most wanted ps3 cuma menang di grafik

  13. jhonpaijo says:

    Thanks,nfs most wanted ps2 lebih bagus n seru dari most wanted ps3 cuma menang di grafik

  14. shawn says:

    Hello i just want to ask you that Can I play ps2 wwe pain on my ps3 320gb 4.30 rogero?

  15. Pan says:

    Hi i have question considering onimusha dawn of dreams that is.on 2 dvds. So i have everything set up cfw…psn..etc and all works and also i have both dvds on internal hard drive in enc or bin mode so i can play them on my ps3. Anyway game works and when i reach the place where 2nd dvd is required iz asks me to insert it so i mount my second dvd and game starts again but there is no save that i had when playing disc one?? Any way to fix this? Or i jist need original dvds so i play directly from inserting them in console? Thank you!

  16. fahath says:

    That ReActPSN said can’t find exdata on usb
    What i have to do

  17. Hmm says:

    The system says they cannot find exdata file. What do I do?my version is rebug 4.61

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