Improvement on GPS Tracking

Written by Tech84 on September 27, 2012

Not so long ago, I posted an article titled How does GPS tracking work? And basically what it does is it uses a satellite network to transmit signals to your device triangulating the signals then converts this signals to coordinates to accurately pin point your location in a map. Although initially developed by the military, it is now widely used from smartphones to other consumer devices, and it has now become an important part of businesses for asset tracking and personal security and logistics.

GPS Tracking

Due to the availability of GPS devices, it is now being used in a lot of mediums, from mundane things like shoes, there are some high tech shoes being developed specifically for those who love the outdoors. To protect and track you more personal stuff like smart phones (find my phone in the iPhone), and sometimes even used to track household pets like dogs to help easily find them in case they wander of to somewhere they have difficulty finding their way back home.

One of the more valuable uses of GPS is for vehicle tracking, GPS are readily available to most modern luxury cars and now it has also come its way to tracking other vehicles such as trucks which are obviously very valuable assets for companies with regards to logistic, there are websites like Track your Truck that can offer you solutions for tracking you vehicles via GPS. This is also called Asset Tracking, this can be very handy for many companies looking for a way to keep track of their valuable assets and keep track and make sure deliveries and other important items will arrive on time. You can also check and track your vehicles either via desktop or on a smartphone.

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