Making Your Download Speeds Go Up

Written by Tech84 on July 13, 2012

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to download a movie or a picture on the web, only to find that it takes centuries to do so. Thankfully, all computers aren’t created equally. You may just have a computer that is either slow or in desperate need of an upgrade. To reach download speeds up to 20 Mbps or higher, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Your ISP
You could have the fastest computer in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to download things at lightning fast speeds. The first that you should do is check your direct download speeds from your local Internet service provider. This can be done online via third-party tools or by doing a little research online. By doing this, it will give you an idea how fast your provider is.

Open Programs
A computer could be running 20 programs at once, and you wouldn’t even know it. When your computer is on, press the control, alt and delete button at the same time. This is going to bring up your task manager. Any open programs that are running that you don’t want to, should be removed immediately. 
If certain programs automatically run each time you start up your computer, you may want to change the settings to prevent this from happening in the future. These simultaneously running programs will usually bog your bandwidth speeds down.

Downloading Slowly
Don’t get excited, and start downloading 10 programs at a time. This is just going to be too much for your computer to handle. Sure, while it will be able to download everything sooner or later, it can take a bit of time. Instead, try to download a program one step at a time. If you have to walk away for the day, then it may be best to download everything at once.

Third-Party Tools
There are some great third-party tools on the market that can help stimulate your speeds. These programs can help you pause downloads, stimulate them and save them for a later date. If you do a lot of downloading, these programs may be an option to consider.

The last item on our list is hardware. Check the specifications of your computer to make sure that your computer is fast enough for your liking. Check your processor speeds, the amount of RAM and hard drive speeds. Each of these components are crucial to have a computer that runs efficiently.
Securing a fast download can be done by following the steps above. If you have attempted to try these options but failed, it may be best to contact your ISP for further guidance.

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