More Free PSP Themes

Written by Tech84 on February 6, 2008

I found more free PSP themes from the web just for you!



  • WinRAR – You’ll be needing this to unzip the file you will be downloading
  • USB Cable to connect your PSP to PC
  • A PSP Fat or Slim with custom firmware or Original Sony Firmware


  1. Download the Zipped file here. Unzip the file anywhere on your computer.
  2. Connect your PSP to your Computer via USB. Copy the THEME folder to D:/PSP/THEME. Youll be prompted to overwrite the file then do so.
  3. Exit the USB mode and you are now ready to change your theme.

If you got questions just leave a comment and ill get back to you later. =)

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86 Responses to “More Free PSP Themes”

  1. botti says:


  2. Hashir says:

    Well Ive Tried Themes Lately They Havnt Been Working I got 3.90 Official Firmware so I Hope this Works

  3. timmy says:

    ive been using themes since 3.71 m33 and up until now which is already 3.90 m33-2 and it works perfectly fine for me..

  4. aidhsfisf says:

    can i put these themes on my ps3… please replay

  5. tech84 says:

    er…. i dont know correct me if im wrong but i think the ps3 uses a different type of file for themes, so the answer is no. =(

  6. CHRIS says:


  7. tech84 says:

    the file you should copy must be a .ptf file and then place it inside your themes folder like the one below:



    maybe it got corrupted while you were downloading it, just redownload the file if thats the case…

  8. ravin says:

    what if some people dont have a folder called THEMES in thier computer when it is connected cause i have that problem and i created a folder called themes and i transfered the themes . after when i took it out there notihng there and my memory got used up a little .i have the version 3.90 so what shall i do ? HHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP

  9. CHRIS says:

    i kepp trying to put ptf files on but they are always coruppted i put them in psp then them is that correct or am i doing it wrong

  10. davidemo says:

    why is it not appearing in the my THEME, the one I have downloaded

  11. tech84 says:

    i dont know why you guys are having trouble, im using these themes on my psp right now and they’re perfectly fine, im running on 3.90 m33-2 firmware.

    can you tell what firmwares your using?

  12. PEN PUMP says:

    you need to create a fols
    not themes idiots

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. tech84 says:

    you create a folder named: THEME this is where you should place your .ptf files.

    and then you place the THEME folder to the X:/PSP directory,
    then you’ll have:


    and thats it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love the stupidity of some people.

    Go into the folder marked PSP. Create a new folder named “theme” within that folder. (No Quotes)

    The directory on the top will display X:/PSP/Theme. That’s it!

  16. tech84 says:

    and you got to have firmware 3.70 and up custom or not, or else it will not work.

  17. bruce says:

    how do you make the files into ptf files

  18. HSS says:

    wot do i do if it dont work because my psp version is 3.90 and if it works wid the rinwar file thing so on my psp i hook it up to da computer then go onto psp folder/themes/then place it in

  19. HSS says:

    mine dosent work and wot do u mean by the overwrite and mine is I:PSPTHEME so is that right or wrong cuz i aint got no X

  20. Mo. d says:

    what youll download is a rar file, open it up and uncrompress the file to your psp. if it says to overwrite then select yes

  21. Anonymous says:

    X:PSPTHEME “X” represents the name of the hard drive your psp shows on your computer. In your case “I” is your PSP drive. So open it up, enter PSP folder, then copy and paste the folder you downloaded. FOLDER! not files 1by1. It might ask you to replace the folder, say yes. That’s all. Then select your themes from system setting in your psp.

  22. me says:

    Will it work if my PSP is version 3.52???

  23. Bean says:

    No, you need to have 3.71 or higher.

  24. me says:

    thanks for the info…

  25. Oliver says:

    This is absolutely amazing! download download download!

  26. hahah says:

    do u need 2 hav a mac cuz my psp folder wont have and folder with : / or stuff lyk dat

  27. jamie says:

    Right guys i had the same problem my themes came up corrupt its because the psp can’t validate your memory card so the items come up as corrupt. Buy an official sony memory card from a reputable dealer (Scandisk memory cards work perfectly from the shop “Game”. *Note* having a bad memory card also stops fmv’s from playing in recent games for exampl crisis core, summons do not play and all the normal fmv’s are choppy as hell i had to work this out on my own! but hopefully this should solve your problem i’m about 99% sure it will.

  28. Tech84 says:


    true, thats why some iso’s get corrupted and dont work when your fake memcard is full to its capacity.

    im playing crisis core ryt now and still a long way off from finishing it.. =)

  29. Dude says:

    I can’t seem to download it. Every time I put it on my PSP and I check the themes it dosen’t show up . My PSP is a version 3.93

  30. Dude says:


    did you follow the instructions carefully? and not all themes work with non-customfirmwares. and considering there’s no m33 for the 3.93, it looks like you dont have a cfw.

  31. pandellas says:

    where i can find free ptf files to download?

  32. jose says:

    i created a theme folder in psp but it wont apear anyway

  33. jose says:

    how do i make the themes apear on my psp cause i created a folder but nothing happens

  34. Tech84 says:


    you need firmware 3.71 or higher for the themes to work.

  35. ETHAN says:

    ya damned NOOBS!!!

  36. Jesse says:

    will it work for a psp firmware 3.03???

  37. Chris says:


    Yo buddy, nothin wrong with noobz. You were one once, you had these questions. This is not a critisism page but a blog, so start treating it like one. Got it? Thanks.


    You need Firmware 3.80 or higher for custom themes to work. {applying to original SONY firmware}.

    I’m not sure about custom firmware, but I think it is the same, so it would be: cfw. 3.80mm3-etc.


  38. pots says: can i download psp themes..?pls help tanx..

  39. Chris says:


    Google PSP themes. It’s easy, then in your PSP mem stick, make a folder named theme. (THEME). I’m pretty sure it goes in the PICTURE file.

  40. Jomar says:

    hey why its so long to download here but in some cases, a 100mb file is only 30 minutes away?in this download it takes an hour or so… why? pls reply.

  41. weixiang says:

    if im not wrong,you have to reformat your memory stick so that the theme folder will appear.thats what happened to me..hope this helps.^^

  42. hotchoc says:

    hey do i have to put the newly created THEME folder into the pictures folder?

  43. hotchoc says:

    i created A folder THEME then downloaded, unzipped it and then copied it to my psp they asked me to replace i said yes to all but still no themes in the list, what did i miss?

  44. Jay Pea says:

    everyone is an idiot apparently?

    plug your PSP in, open the PSP folder, and there should be like VIDEO and PICTURE folders

    make a new folder there called THEME, and put the files in there. make sure there are no there folders inside the THEME folder

  45. Nick says:

    3.90 Is too new. Coders can’t keep up! 3.90 HAS NO THEMES KNOWN TO MAN KIND YET

  46. 782 says:

    it dosent apear in theme setings

  47. Anonymous says:

    this anonymus dude is the man.. the renaming of the “THEMES” folder to “THEME” really works for my firmware of 3.80.. thanks dawg

  48. drix says:

    i can preview the themes but when i apply them it causes an internal error (80108351). my psp is 3.71-m33. pls help!

  49. [KMG]K!LL@''' says:


  50. cerberus says:

    cuz u guys r fuckin idiots it worked for me n i have version 4.01

  51. Someone says:

    this helped out alot.

  52. DUDE says:

    Can you help me please
    i hav tried everthing but it won’t still work

  53. kiefer says:

    for those of you who are new, sometimes rar files dont work on psp’s unless they are fitted with custom firmware. if you dont have a psp with cfw, you can only use ptf files.

  54. Badger says:

    Ok guys, I originally had the official 3.80 firmware, then I upgraded to dark alex’s CFW 3.90 m33. I used to be able to use custom themes, now I can not. Is it something with the CFW? When I move a ptf onto my memory car (/psp/theme) I leave usb mode, and go to the theme selection menu. the only options I get are “original” tasty treat,and custom theme (the one I was using when I upgraded) I suspect that many of the people who have left comments on here are having the same problem, but aren’t very articulate. Any ideas guys?

  55. Tarro says:

    I love my PSP and everything about it. It can play music, videos, games, pictures it even has a web browser, but there is a flaw in this entertainment pack, it is too delecate(that is why I gave it 4 stars) and it does not come whith a case or a handstrap and I allredy need a new faceplate. It comes with a Ceramic White PSP With a silkscreen portrait of Darth Vader on the battery cover, the ac adapter, charger, the battery, and the Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron game(only for the PSP). That said the psp is the best console out there(next to the WII and Nintento DS might I add). And I will buy psp for my friend’s birthday.

  56. Aris says:

    I kinda did it all but it didn’t work why?

  57. Anonymous says:

    you never did it properly

  58. Anonymous says:

    com,e on now don’t be sad to the guy

  59. PSP Themes says:

    It’s works perfectly.

  60. uae_girl says:

    nice Themes its help me alot Thanks

  61. lol says:


  62. rofl says:

    Has Dark Alex released 4.05 m33

  63. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded the themes onto my psp and it was great but when i tryed it on my brothers psp it didnt work

  64. YODz says:

    check the version maybe its not the same as yours or it was corrupted when you transferred the files. . . i didn’t have any problems with 10 other psps’ i shared the themes with…

  65. anselmo says:

    these themes are ausum

  66. Ben says:

    THANKS so much!!!

  67. Ben says:

    Dark Alex released cfw 5.00 m33!!!!!

  68. Jimmy smith says:

    all you do is go to your psp on your computer go to file psp open it make a new folder titled THEMES in upper case letters then drag the theme file ptf files only then drop in theme folder go to theme settings and it will be in there

  69. Jimmy smith says:

    oh yeah by the way my psp is version 5.2 thanks any questions ask

  70. Kevin says:

    I have version 4.01 and I created a folder named THEME and it still doesn’t work,what should I do.I really don’t know what to do !

    Please reply !

  71. iskagero says:

    can i ask a few questions with my cwcheat?

    here’s what happened.. i’m playing monster hunter portable 2nd G using the cheats.. i know its working as i have played it quite few times using the cheats such as infinite money and items..

    and then, i never noticed that my psp is about to become low in battery, and it suddenly turned off while im toggling with the cheats in cwcheat menu..

    when i recharged it and played the game again, when i go to cheats menu, all of the cheat list are gone.. as in i am not able to see any cheats in the cheat selection.. what i have done wrong? or do you have any idea how to fix this?

    i tried to re-install the cwcheat in my psp.. i have tried it using other games such as tales of the world and there is a cheat list.. except in MHP2G..

    hope to hear from you soon.. thanks a lot..

  72. Anonymous says:

    wt is fireware

  73. halorox38 says:

    what!! my psp only has the files game,common, and all that junk but it wont put it on anything my psp is a god of war version but it doesnt have the theme file!! and i cant put it on!!!!!!

  74. bboy says:

    how do you get the folder themses

  75. KhmerBoi says:

    lol u guys r funny.

  76. enjo_y says:

    i have a PSP with firmware 3.71 m33-3 and everytime I try to change my theme from XMB i got this message: An internal error has occured. (80108351). Plx help

  77. Dezfafara says:

    i have PSP 3000 wher do i put the folder themes in my PSP?

  78. Anonymous says:

    THanx soo muhc very info’d fourm

  79. Racz bro says:

    PLug in ur psp
    go to the psp folder
    create a new folder called THEME
    it has 2 b in caps
    then extract all of the themes from rar into the psp folder
    it should automatically go to the THEME folder.
    then go to theme settings
    press theme
    then custom theme
    for this you dont need CWF coz i dont have it 😀
    thanx 🙂
    ‘by the way its awesome

  80. Racz bro says:

    you have to go to theme setting in ur psp not comp 🙂

  81. abeer says:

    i have psp withe color

  82. Graham says:

    Just open up your PSP, Choose the PSP file, Create a file called THEME (not THEMES) and then just drag and drop your downloaded themes into your theme file. Sorted!!

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