Non-Profits Go High-Tech with Kiosks

Written by Guest Blogger on November 30, 2012

Non-profit groups are always looking for a way to entice more people to donate money to their cause. Whether you’re raising funds for breast cancer or your own dog rescue, garnering donations from the public can present a challenge, especially when times are difficult for people. If you’re looking for an innovative way to spread your message, consider installing a kiosk or two at your next fundraiser. Here are five ways that a kiosk can benefit your charity:

Rebooting Kiosk

1.Describe Your Mission

A kiosk can allow you to describe the mission of your charity in a virtual way. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to receive donations. Find videos to upload, include inspirational stories and record a message from the founder of your organization. The more people are able to understand your mission, the more likely they are to support your charity. Instead of reading facts and testimonials on a piece of paper, show people what your group is all about in an exciting new way.

2.Advertise Campaigns

In addition to hanging flyers around town and sending out mass emails, advertise your campaigns with a kiosk. If you’re having a dog walk, car wash, bake sale or even fundraising dinner, you can both advertise your event and allow people to RSVP right from your outdoor kiosk. Include videos and still photos of past events, add an appropriate soundtrack and advertise the dates and times of your future events. Giving people advanced notice of your campaigns will ensure a higher turn-out. Be sure to offer people the opportunity to donate immediately should they choose to do so.

3.Public Education

If you care enough about a cause to support it, you obviously have in-depth knowledge to share. Your kiosk can be utilized as a public education tool at any fundraiser, fair or gathering that you attend. Instead of just asking for donations and touting the importance of your charity, teach the public about your cause. You can include brief interviews with experts, clips from documentaries and lists of books and educational websites.

4.Volunteer Information

One of the most important components of any successful charitable organization is its volunteers. Once people view all of the information available in your kiosk, you may find that some are interested in joining your organization. By advertising available positions, the requirements of those positions and a volunteer application, you can recruit dozens of new volunteers for your group without raising a finger.

5.Charity-Specific Activities

Including activities in your kiosk that relate to your charity can be a fantastic way to spark interest and, in turn, donations. For example, if you run a health-centric charity, include a health quiz in your kiosk. If you run a group that is centered around children, include an interactive game for kids in your kiosk. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the type of activities that can be downloaded into your kiosk.

If you want to keep ahead of the times and raise more money than you have in the past, you need to start utilizing technology. A custom-designed kiosk can be a fantastic tool for raising awareness, securing donations and gaining volunteers. If you are in charge of a non-profit organization, consider purchasing a kiosk for your charity; you’ll be paid back tenfold.

Haley Brown writes for where you can learn more about building an outdoor kiosk.

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