PS Vita Firmware 3.18 out now

Posted on August 8, 2014

Sony has just released the latest Vita firmware 3.18. Vita users should be notified by this becuase the Vta firmware 3.18 is a mandatory update, meaning users are required to update to the latest firmware in order to access the online functions of your PS Vita.

PS Vita Firmware 3.18 out now

Here’s whats included in the 3.18 firmware update:

System software stability during use of some features has been improved. Source

For such a bare-bone update, one would wonder why Sony made this mandatory. One would expect some pretty big and/or significant updates and changes to your device if you’re going to make it mandatory.

The one thing we hate about this update is that you are required to update your Vita even if you only want to connect your Vita to your PC, even if you just want to back up your saves and other stuff via the content manager assistant you are still required to update which sucks if you do not want to, especially if you are one of those users who uses TNV.

MultiMAN 04.60.00 Now Available

Posted on July 15, 2014

Deank has released an update to his popular PS3 file manager MultiMan with version 04.60.00.


The update, although a big one, brings nothing really much else except for the one important thing that MultiMan 4.60.00 has included support for 4.60 CFW.

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Namco Bandai has just released a teaser trailer for Tekken 7 to the public during the final day of EVO 2014.

Tekken 7 Teaser Trailer Revealed at EVO 2014

According to reports, Tekken 7 is powered by Unreal Engine 4. As Tekken creator and producer Katsuhiro Harada says he chose the Unreal Engine 4 “as it can easily deliver the visual quality expected on “next-gen” platforms, while making the game easily portable to any platform supporting the engine.” source
Watch the Tekken 7 Teaser Trailer

One of the most important things for any PC user, whether for personal or for office or business use, is to have backups of your most important files and documents. But unfortunately, not everyone creates or even has an idea on how to create backups of their most important files and documents on their computers. Spreadsheets, tax information, bank documents, personal info, and other important data whether for personal or business related use, these are all very important files and it is very important to have or create backups of these essentials documents.

Choosing the right recovery software for office and home use

When disaster strikes, it almost always too late for everyone, not having backups is one of the worst scenarios when something happens to your PC. It could be due to data corruption, virus infection, formatted hard drive, or simply due to human error. Sometimes, even the most experience and technically advanced users can make these silly mistakes, you can accidentally delete these files when cleaning up your documents folders or overwriting them when saving documents of similar file names. This could be a very problem if you happen to loose or delete very important files and documents on your PC and you do not have any backups because of negligence.

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Good news for CFW users, PS3 homebrew developer Arch has released the 4.60 Spoofer Enabler-Disabler v1.01 for those CFW users affected by the Mandatory 4.60 update released by Sony yesterday.

PS3 Official Firmware 4.45 now available
Image source:Joystiq

The PS3 Firmware 4.60 was released yesterday much to the surprise of CFW users requiring them to update their PS3 systems in order to gain access to PSN and other online activities using their PS3’s. For some reason Sony has made this update mandatory even though it does not really include any significant or major updates.

Since we still not have heard any updates from Rogero or Habib, we’ll have to wait for any updates from them regarding updated versions of their popular CFW. But thanks to this, you will be able to spoof your firmware version to 4.60 in order to gain access to PSN and play online without actually having to update your PS3 systems.
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Earlier today, A lot of users reported suddenly being asked to update their firmware in order to log-in to PSN and access the Playstation Store. And now we receive news that Sony has just recently released the official firmware 4.60 update for the PS3.

PS3 Official Firmware 4.60 now available
Image source:Joystiq

And although this update seems small, Sony has somehow made the PS3 4.60 update mandatory, meaning, you are required to update to firmware 4.60 if you would want to have access to PSN and/or play online. Not much is really included in this mandatory update but rather just a simple “system stability has been improved”. We’ll have more details on what’s included on the 4.60 update as we have more news about it later.

Unfortunately for CFW users, you would not be able to access PSN or play online unless you spoof your firmware to the latest version or CFW developers like Rogero and Habib releases updated versions of their respective firmwares.

Note to CFW users: You might want to avoid this update and just wait for any updates in the homebrew scene and just play offline for the meantime.

Due to the rapid improvements in our current PC technology, it now takes a lot less time for your PC model (or specs) to become obsolete. Your super fast processor and video card you bought last year may already be outdated in just a span of one year. As soon as newer technology is introduced to the market, newer and higher specs become the new standard and what was super fast last year, looks outdated this year.

3 things you can do with your old PCs

So what can we do with our old pcs? Here are a few tips:
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If you love gaming then it is definitely worth investing in a decent tablet. Tablets are perfectly suited to gamers, as they have a large enough screen so you can see what you are doing as well as the fact that they are portable. You can take a tablet with you anywhere and they are very powerful devices. With this power you can play pretty much any game you could think of.

Which tablet is most suited for gaming fanatics?

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How to disassemble your PS VITA

Posted on May 21, 2014

Here we have a simple tutorial on how to dismantle the PS Vita in 10 easy steps.

How to disassemble your PS Vita

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PS4 firmware 1.70 goes live today

Posted on May 1, 2014

Sony has just recently released a major firmware update for the PlayStation 4 with the PS4 firmware 1.70 update. The 1.70 update includes HDCP disabling, Twitch and Ustream archiving, auto-downloading and pre-loading for pre-ordered games, a few more extras and the new SHAREfactory app.

PS4 firmware 1.70 goes live

What the new SHAREfactory suite does is that it lets players edit and customize their gameplay videos for video capture and streaming, while the HDCP option does is that it allows people to record your gameplay videos or whatever you do with your PS4 using external recording devices. (We have yet to test this and how this works). With the 1.70 update, you can now increase your broadcast resolutions up to 720p and you can archive your streams so you can watch them later on Twitch or Ustream.

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