The Evolution of iOS from 1 to 8

Posted on September 16, 2014

It’s been a while since posted an infographic on this site, the last one was about the true cost of a iPhone 5 and that was way back in 2012.

The Evolution of iOS from 1 to 8

So far, iOS8 does not seem like a big step forward from iOS7 visually, where updating to iOS7 made you feel like you just got a new phone. But with iOS8, the changes seem to be more on the technical side instead of the aesthetics. Sure, there are visual changes but they are a lot more subtle compared to what Apple introduced back with iOS7.

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PS3 Official Firmware 4.65 Out Now

Posted on August 27, 2014

Sony has just rolled out a new PS3 Official firmware with 4.65, it’s a rather small update with a vague “improves stability during the use of some features” message on their twitter account. This update comes after the official ps3 firmware 4.60 they released a few weeks ago.

PS3 Official Firmware 4.65 Out Now
Image source:Joystiq

This time, the 4.65 firmware update is not mandatory, meaning, unlike with the 4.60 update you will still be able to access PSN and use the other online features of your PS3 even if you don’t update to this latest PS3 firmware.

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Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 CFW Leaked

Posted on August 19, 2014

Ever since the official PS3 firmware 4.60 version has been released by Sony, Rogero fans have been longing for an update from their favorite CFW. But news has been scarce and its been a few weeks but still no news from the Rogero camp. But until a few days ago, a beta version of Rogero 4.60 CFW has been leaked by a beta tester and is doing rounds in the homebrew community.

Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 CFW Leaked

The leaked was reportedly released by beta tester pauline45 and was confirmed as the real deal by another tester named xxmcvapourxx. The leaked Rogero 4.60 v1.00 cfw is still in beta phase and currently works with IrisMAN and GameSonic but still does not yet support MultiMAN, meaning, Multiman users wont be able to play their games if they decide to install this leaked version.

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OLX India is undoubtedly one of the top online classifieds sites that is well established in India. There are very few other online classifieds that have achieved major success that are parallel to OLX. Today, the online giant in classifieds claims to have set up markets in Portugal, Pakistan, and Brazil and enjoys a phenomenal growth. The new app mobile of OLX is already grabbing interest and enjoying an increasing number of downloads.

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EaseUS Partition Master

Posted on August 19, 2014

In today’s computing world, we always talk about mobility as we become more dependent on the tools to allow for greater mobility. For example, we now have flash drive which varies from the smallest you can find today at 1GB up to 128GB. Since a flash drive speed is kind of limited to the USB transfer rate, a flash drive partition tool is very much useful in this circumstances, so you can organize it better and also be able to retrieve it much faster.

EaseUS Partition Master

There is such a flash drive partition tool called EaseUS Partition Master Professional which is unlike any other partition tool. It is an affordable disk management software that is very user-friendly that even though it has a lot of features; those without technical knowledge can use it especially with the step-by-step wizard. There are 3 major components, Partition Manager, Disk & Copy Partition Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard.
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Goodgame Studios has released a new game called Shadow Kings, a highly anticipated free to play MMO game set in the realm of empires, kings, and heroes.

Shadow Kings - A New Fantasy MMO

Just like most of Goodgame Studios popular games, Shadow Kings is a browser based game, Which is a good thing because it means any casual or hardcore gamer can just load up their favorite browser and just go right at it, eliminating the need for any game installs and lengthy downloads.
The game is set in a fantasy kingdom, where humans, elves, and dwarves who have lived together in peace for generations living carefree lives is now being threatened by evil Orcs, Goblins and Trolls who have been preparing for years have created an army and have begun with their evil plans for an invasion. The Humans, elves and dwarves must now band together in order to help repel and defend the peace that is now being threatened by these creatures of darkness.
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PS Vita Firmware 3.18 out now

Posted on August 8, 2014

Sony has just released the latest Vita firmware 3.18. Vita users should be notified by this becuase the Vta firmware 3.18 is a mandatory update, meaning users are required to update to the latest firmware in order to access the online functions of your PS Vita.

PS Vita Firmware 3.18 out now

Here’s whats included in the 3.18 firmware update:

System software stability during use of some features has been improved. Source

For such a bare-bone update, one would wonder why Sony made this mandatory. One would expect some pretty big and/or significant updates and changes to your device if you’re going to make it mandatory.

The one thing we hate about this update is that you are required to update your Vita even if you only want to connect your Vita to your PC, even if you just want to back up your saves and other stuff via the content manager assistant you are still required to update which sucks if you do not want to, especially if you are one of those users who uses TNV.

MultiMAN 04.60.00 Now Available

Posted on July 15, 2014

Deank has released an update to his popular PS3 file manager MultiMan with version 04.60.00.


The update, although a big one, brings nothing really much else except for the one important thing that MultiMan 4.60.00 has included support for 4.60 CFW.

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Namco Bandai has just released a teaser trailer for Tekken 7 to the public during the final day of EVO 2014.

Tekken 7 Teaser Trailer Revealed at EVO 2014

According to reports, Tekken 7 is powered by Unreal Engine 4. As Tekken creator and producer Katsuhiro Harada says he chose the Unreal Engine 4 “as it can easily deliver the visual quality expected on “next-gen” platforms, while making the game easily portable to any platform supporting the engine.” source
Watch the Tekken 7 Teaser Trailer

One of the most important things for any PC user, whether for personal or for office or business use, is to have backups of your most important files and documents. But unfortunately, not everyone creates or even has an idea on how to create backups of their most important files and documents on their computers. Spreadsheets, tax information, bank documents, personal info, and other important data whether for personal or business related use, these are all very important files and it is very important to have or create backups of these essentials documents.

Choosing the right recovery software for office and home use

When disaster strikes, it almost always too late for everyone, not having backups is one of the worst scenarios when something happens to your PC. It could be due to data corruption, virus infection, formatted hard drive, or simply due to human error. Sometimes, even the most experience and technically advanced users can make these silly mistakes, you can accidentally delete these files when cleaning up your documents folders or overwriting them when saving documents of similar file names. This could be a very problem if you happen to loose or delete very important files and documents on your PC and you do not have any backups because of negligence.

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