PS3 CFW developer Habib along with the help of Team ZER0 has released ZER0 4.55 PS3 CFW V1.00 CEX for PS3 CFW users.


Habib notes that this release currently has no Cobra features but a rather simple CFW:

“Seeing so many bricks i finally decided to release our new cfw 4.55, currently there is no cobra features, just a simple cfw.”

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MultiMAN 04.55.00 arrives

Posted on February 11, 2014

Update: Multiman 4.55.01 released.
Deank has released an update to his popular PS3 file manager with MultiMAN version 04.55.00. This is just a few days after the Official firmware 4.55 update was released.


The multiMAN 04.55.00 update includes:

  • Added support for 4.55CFW (tested by Habib)
  • Added 4.55 spoof option to mmCM (do not use on non 4.46CFW)
  • Fixed downloading files from sendspace from the WEB column
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    PS3 Official Firmware 4.55 arrives today

    Posted on February 6, 2014

    Sony just released the first firmware update for this year with the PS3 official firmware 4.55, a rather small update from last year’s 4.53 update.

    PS3 Official Firmware 4.55 now available
    Image source:Joystiq

    The 4.55 update does not seem to include release notes and/or a change log but according to an article from PS3news the official firmware 4.55 includes an update for the Blu-ray player and a check on the DVD.

    You would need to update to firmware 4.55 if you want to log-in to PSN and play online because conencting to PSN requires you to have the latest firmware installed on your PS3.

    You can download the PS3 4.55 OFW update via the XMB on your PS3 or you can download it using your PC from the official PlayStation website here.

    As for CFW users, we have yet to hear any updates from Rogero himself if he would release a Rogero 4.55 CFW this time. (He skipped creating a Rogero 4.53 CFW since it did not really include any significant updates)

    Gadgets to watch out for this 2014

    Posted on January 22, 2014

    Just before the year ended last 2013, a lot of well known tech companies offered us a lot of gadgets to choose from and give us something to look forward to this year. Singapore has always been one of the best go-to places of techie people. One of the many reasons is because gadgets in Singapore are cheaper compared to other countries.

    Here are some lists of cool gadgets that you and your friends will be bragging about for months once you have one.

    • Ipad Air
    Just before 2013 ends everyone’s talking about, the newest innovative gadget by apple. Introducing the Ipad Air, the lightest version of all Ipads ever made. Built with A7 chip bringing with it a 64-bit processing and reams of battery that could last at around 10 hours and longer. It is equipped with retina display for detailed and crispier look. It has thinner bezel and a speaker at the bottom too. It can be bought to almost any places in the world and is being talked about by different gadget reviewers online.

    • Apple Ipad Mini with Retina Display
    This is somehow the same with the Ipad Air. The only difference is the size. It also has an A7 chip and also equipped with Retina display. Compare to Air, this is more handy because of the smaller size.
    This is also cheaper than the Ipad Air.

    • Sony Experia Z
    Sony which started providing televisions to the market makes new innovations and is now providing not only cameras and cell phones but also tablet that is comparable to Air.
    They say that this is also the lightest and slimmest tablet in the market and not to mention that it is also water resistant. The only issue however would be the battery, it does not last longer and charging always takes time. Otherwise it is pretty much the complete package you are looking for.

    • Samsung NX 30
    This is expected to be available in the market on the first quarter of 2014.
    NX30 features a 20.3 megapixel camera APS-C sensor and offers hybrid autofocus as well as an electronic view finder. The view finder can be use whenever you want to capture a low angle shot yet you still have the full view of what you are actually capturing.

    • Google Chromecast
    Yes folks, the name is correct, this Google Chromecast helps you access web based contents and allows you to stream directly on your TV’s HDMI port. You can play videos directly from YouTube or Google play. You can play back videos and manage the volume the way you want it. This is surely the plug and play device that you and your family will surely enjoy. Making your old TV a little more smarter and high-tech.

    All these latest technological advances are indeed something to look forward to. But let me just remind you that they do cost a fortune to some so I suggest before buying a gadget do your research. There are several online stores which offer a much cheaper price than of those bought at the mall. More often than not the prices also vary from countries where you bought them.

    I bet you guys are already Itching to buy these newest trends. Now, save up and go get yourself these newest gadgets.


    How to partition your disk drives

    Posted on December 9, 2013

    The saying, “dont put all your eggs in one basket” applies to almost everything, and that includes your computer system.  What is means is that you should not save all your important files and other documents of the same importance in just a single location in your computer so you can avoid the risk of loosing all your files in case of system failure or wipeout. 

    It is recommended every time that you  should partition your disks drives during a fresh install of a new operating system,. You should set a different partition for your system files and a different  partition for other miscellaneous and other important files. Although the files located in your system drive will have noticeably faster loading and access time the your files that are located in a different partition,  the reasoning behind this is that in case of a system failure or in case of a system wipeout due to a virus or user error,  only the files and documents that are located inside your system drive will be deleted but not the files and documents that are located on a different partition of the disk. Even if you reinstall windows or format the the drive due to a virus, your files located in a different partition or drive will not be lost.  

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    News about the PlayStation 4 jailbreak recently created waves around the homebrew community, A hacker called Reckz0r claims he has released the PS4 jailbreak files and pasted links for download on his Pastebin account. Don’t get your hopes of getting a jailbreak PS4 and play around with it up yet, because the PS4 jailbreak seems to be leaning more in the FAKE/HOAX category.

    PS4 Jailbreak surfaces, found out to be Fake!

    Reckz0r claims to have been able to jailbreak the PS4 and run homebrew on it including playing backed up PS4 games, below are the contents from his Pastebin account:
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    How to improve your computer’s performance

    Posted on November 30, 2013

    A while ago we published an article on how to improve your computer’s performance at no cost, this time around we’ll be discussing a few basic tips on improving your PC’s performance when you have some money to spend.

    How to improve your computer’s performance

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    PS Vita Remote Play Games List [UPDATED!]

    Posted on November 26, 2013

    Here is a list of PS3 games we compiled info on to provide you with information whether or not a PS3 game is playable via remote play on the PS Vita.  The best chance of any PS3 game working via remote play is to make sure you are on the latest firmware for both the PS3 and the PS Vita.

    PS Vita Remote Play Games List
    While all PS4 games will run Vita via remote play, PS3 games remote play compatibility seems to be a hit and miss.

    Note: This is an on-going list, and will be updated from time to time. Its possible that the remote play compatibility will improve in the future via firmware updates. You can use the search feature on the table to quickly jump to your PS3 game.
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    MultiMan 04.50.04

    Posted on November 25, 2013

    Apologies for the late post, MultiMan 04.50.04 has been out for a while now. Deank has released an update with version 04.50.04 to add support for more 4.50 custom firmwares.


    Here’s whats included in the Multiman 04.50.04 update:

  • Added support for 4.50 DEX CFW
  • Added support for 4.46 Cobra/Rogero CFW
  • Added “Switch between mmCM and multiMAN” option in HOME column
  • Added support for loading network games in JB/FOLDER format using ps3netsrv
  • In Cobra/mmCM mode all functions are operational (tested)
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    Normally, when we say we’re going to improve our PC’s performance we would actually mean we are going to buy new upgrades to boost our computers performance. It would either be a new purchase of additional storage space, additional RAM, or to buy a new video card. But sometimes, when we need to improve our pc, factors like time and money forbids us to purchase new upgrades, it would always be wise to be able to improve your computer’s performance at no cost.

    How to improve your computer’s performance at no cost

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