Official firmware 4.45 for the PS3 is now available and a tweet from the Playstation Twitter account reveals that the update includes Trophy notification options and to improve system stability.

PS3 Official Firmware 4.45 now available
Img source:Joystiq

This is good news if you are one of those who like seeing those notifications everytime you earn a new trophy as the new update now includes new trophy notification options.

You can download the update on your using you PS3 via system update or you can download the update from the Playstation website here.

Note to CFW users: you might want skip on updating to official firmware 4.45, as doing so would remove all the homebrew capabilities and you would not be able to downgrade back unless you have a hardware flasher. Especially since Rogero has just recently released the new Rogero 4.41 cfw.

UPDATE! There have been some reports of users having their PS3 bricked after the 4.45 official update. According to those affected they were not able to boot up their PS3 after the update and restoring the system does resolve the issue. You can read more about these reports on the Playstation 3 support forums here.

MultiMAN 04.40.00 now available

Posted on June 17, 2013

With the release of Rogero 4.41 cfw, Deank has also released a new update to his popular PS3 file manager with the MultiMan 4.40.00 update. And this time, Deank is using his own “Home server” so you obtain covers, themes, web column content & game updates via Multiman.
Multiman  04.30.00
Here’s whats new with Multiman 4.40.00:

* Updated Showtime for mM to 04.03.211
* Updated PS1 Emulator (ps1_emu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)
* Updated PS1_NET Emulator (ps1_netemu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)

A USB flash drive or an External HD (Both must have free space enough to accommodate the installation files)
A PS3 running CFW (3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.40 and 4.41)

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Update: Rogero has released an new update with Rogero 4.46 v1.00.
Rogero has finally updated his popular PS3 cfw with the Rogero 4.41 cfw. The PS3 Official firmware 4.41 has been out for some time now and it’s only recently that Rogero has made an update to with Rogero 4.41 cfw.

How to install Rogero 4.40 v1.03 on your PS3

Here’s how to install Rogero 4.41 v1.00 on your PS3:

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As we anticipated Microsoft to either redeem themselves after that seemingly disastrous Xbox One Reveal last May, it seems that Microsoft went ahead an go on with their #dealwithit mentality. So here let’s watch the Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference so you can judge for yourself.

They boasted exclusive games but most of the games they have showcased were multiplatform and so far the only game worth their salt was TitanFall.

Still how they come up with the 24 hour mandatory online validation check is beyond me, and their used game policy will be the bane (and probably downfall?) of the Xbox One. And the price, at $499 it’s $100 dollar more than the PS4. I hefty price that turns into a big expensive paper weight if your internet goes out for more than 24 hours. It basically seems that you will be just renting your game, it does not seem that you fully own the game because of these restrictions. Way to go Microsoft!

Personally, a lot of gamers think Microsoft just shot themselves in the foot twice. They already had two chances to wow the gaming world but ended up handing the console war for this generation to the PS4.

I don’t know about your IQ score, or how much of a hardcore Xbox fan you are, but to be fair, if you still want the Xbox One you can pre-order your Xbox One over at Amazon for $499 here.

It’s no secret many gamers have been displeased with the Xbox One reveal, focusing too much on being a TV and more of a multimedia device instead of a core gaming console. And not to mention the reveal really did not showcase any new games except for the new Call Of Duty game which is a no brainer since it’s going to be available on all consoles once it goes live. Anyway, here let’s just watch the Xbox One reveal full and in full 1080p glory and see for yourself.


After watching the reveal I went back and watched the PS4 announcement again, yes, the full 2 hour event. And it became a lot more clearer to me how Microsoft totally missed their chance to wow gamers. It seems like Microsoft is following the mistakes of the PS3 trying to become an all-in-one entertainment hub instead of focusing on games.

I believe this was the mistake Sony did with ht PS3, but its seems with the PS4 they have learned from those mistakes. I was even having thoughts on whether to post this under the “Gaming” category or not. Gamers have already voiced ut online about the lack of focus on games on the Xbox One, but we’ll need to wait and see what Microsoft has in-store for E3 and see if maybe they can redeem the Xbox One.

While taking a screenshot on your PSP was a little harder for the average user, this time Sony has made taking screenshots on the PS Vita a lot easier.

How to capture screenshots on your PS VitaImage courtesy of Engadget

While the PSP requires you to install external plugins in order to take screenshots from your PSP games, the Vita has made it significantly easier for you to take screenshots on your Vita.

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Andy Rubin and his team initially developed Android as an OS to power digital cameras. They dreamed it to be the OS of choice for camera makers where the OS would be used to create a new generation of “Smart Cameras” that are connected to PCs. The plan was to integrate a camera platform and would use the Cloud for storing photos online.

Android was initially developed as a Camera OSImage courtesy of Giz

However, due to the slump of camera sales, he and his team decided to turn it into a mobile phone operating system. In 2005, he and his team acquired members who had experience working with companies like Orange and T-Mobile to target Windows Mobile. Apple and its Flagship iOS was still not in the scene since it was introduced in 2007.
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This is one proof that despite news of Goggle Glass being banned in some bars, there is still much high demand for it. Google Glass appeared in an auction in Ebay and bids went as much as up to $95,300! That only shows that indeed the Google Glass is in High demand.

Google Glass reached $95,000 on Ebay before getting removedImage courtesy of Gizmodo

Google ran a contest back in February offering winners to become “Glass Explorers” that will let them be the first to buy the Glass and be able to test it out. And yes, the Glasss would not be given for free, but essentially winning the contest only gives the winner a chance to buy the Google Glass for $1,500. Which is pretty expensive is you ask me. Despite the price range, this is still a pretty neat experience to be part of the exclusive group able to test out the Google Glass. Read Full Article

With most smartphones, you can use mp3s, WAVs and virtually any other sound formats as a ringtone for your phone. But for the iPhone, you can only use sound files with the M4R format for ringtones.

Using your iPhone, you can buy ringtones from iTunes and each tone costs around $.99 just like your typical iTunes download. But sometimes, it just not the ringtone we want. Sometimes we want to have a customized ringtone for our iPhone. So here with a few taps in your iPhone, you can create your own customized iPhone Ringtone for free.

How to create a ringtone for your iPhone for free

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The first Android powered game console, Ouya, is purported to hit brick and mortar stores something in June. For those who don’t know, users of the console will be able to download Android games and play them on their television. There are so many games available at the Play Store, so Ouya gamers would have countless options to choose from, and downloading games would require only a few minutes if they have a fast connection.


Some have already seen the preview units, and they aren’t too happy about the console. The console maker said this was expected of sorts, as the system is not ready to undergo a proper review at the moment.
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