Non-Profits Go High-Tech with Kiosks

Posted on November 30, 2012

Non-profit groups are always looking for a way to entice more people to donate money to their cause. Whether you’re raising funds for breast cancer or your own dog rescue, garnering donations from the public can present a challenge, especially when times are difficult for people. If you’re looking for an innovative way to spread your message, consider installing a kiosk or two at your next fundraiser. Here are five ways that a kiosk can benefit your charity:

Rebooting Kiosk

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Conan O’brien Playing Hitman Absolution

Posted on November 21, 2012

Hitman Absolution has just hit the shelves last of November 20, I still haven’t bought a copy yet though. Here’s a very funny video of Conan O’brien playing Hitman Absolution. The skit is an ongoing gag on the late night show: Conan, called “The Clueless Gamer”. Obviously he’s not very good at video games, but your not watching this to get tips and tricks for the game. Let’s just enjoy this video as Conan makes a very funny review of Hitman Absolution.


New Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Posted on November 15, 2012

Here’s the new GTA 5 trailer, this time courtesy of Joystiq. Rockstar has release the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer and here we can now see the 3 main protagonists of the game. The map is reported to be bigger than GTA4, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined. And judging from the new GTA V trailer, a lot of stuff you can do back in GTA San Andreas is now back on GTA V. Aside from the obvious visual upgrade, the game looks very very promising (as if there was any doubt). Anyway, enjoy the video!

The game is scheduled for release in spring 2013, as of the moment pre order is already available at Rockstar’s website.

The release of the Apple iPhone 5 sparked a debate between this new phone and the Samsung Galaxy S3. With businesses turning to mobile technology for many different things, such as accepting credit cards for business while in the field and staying connected, it’s important to understand how these smartphones stack up against each other.  

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 5

The S3 became one of the best-selling devices of 2012 quickly and outsold the Apple 1Phone 4S. However, the S3 compares better to the new iPhone 5 and many believe the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the better choice. It was found during benchmark tests that the iPhone 5 was faster, but many businesses still believe the S3 is the better choice of these two smart phones.
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How to Use Your PC Monitor as Your TV

Posted on November 13, 2012

There you are, watching your favorite TV show, when all of a sudden the screen blows up and starts to smoke? This not only means the end of your happy viewing, but also hundreds of dollars worth of repair and replacement parts. If you lack the money to have it repaired or the skill set to do so yourself, this can translate to weeks or even months of dull and boring afternoons. While looking for cash to have your TV repaired or purchase a new one, why not hook your PC monitor and use it as your alternative TV screen?

How to Use Your PC Monitor as Your TV

For the not-so-tech-savvy at heart, you’d be shocked to hear that this is even possible. But in today’s world, technology is full of surprises. And with enough time and even the simplest toolkit at hand, one can successfully use their PC monitor as their TV screen. So, how do you do it? For novices, this obviously remains a complicated task to handle. One simply cannot undertake the task and expect smooth sailing. Doing so may also put your monitor at risk of getting damaged.

Benefits of PC Monitors as Your TV Screen

While it is possible to use them as an alternative screen, PC monitors do not come last when compared with traditional TV screens. Modern designs of PC monitors and TV screens are mostly LCD, which means they feature the same or near the same quality and performance. In some cases, you can even get a boost in image quality and screen size if you have a better PC monitor.
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Wii U – up close and personal

Posted on November 8, 2012

I’m not a big fan of the Wii, but I am looking forward to the Wii U, why? It has been reported that new monster hunter games will be coming to Nintendo’s newest console. I have posted a lot of articles about Monster Hunter and it’s quite obvious I’m a fan of the game. So without further adieu, let watch as the guys over at Joystiq take a look at Nintendo’s newest gaming system.

Via [Joystiq]

Sony is set to release an update to the PS3™ system software with the 4.31 official firmware. Whether it is a direct response to the release of the Rogero 4.30 cfw is still a hunch. Because the 4.31 update has been looming since games like the Monster Hunter HD has been reporting problems with the 4.30 firmware update released last October 24, 2012. However, good news for 4.30 cfw users is that the update is not mandatory and you will still be able to access PSN with 4.30 cfw. Meaning, you wont need to wait for Rogero to release an updated 4.31 cfw to access PSN.

This firmware update won’t “affect online play and access to apps” and does not signal PSN maintenance. Additionally, it’s not a mandatory update, though it’s designed to “improve overall system stability” and is thus recommended by Sony.

When it gets released, you can download the 4.31 update from Sony here.

Source IGN

(UPDATE: Rogero has released an updated downgrader the lets you downgrade to 3.55 from any firmware. I have created a guide and here is the link on my tutorial on how to downgrade to 3.55 from any CFW)

If your PS3 is already running Rogero 4.21 and you want to upgrade to Rogero 4.30 and you are having some trouble updating it to Rogero 4.30, or you just want a “clean” install from 3.55 to Rogero 4.30.
A USB Flash drive (Must be big enough to accommodate the installation files) or an external HD
A PS3 running Rogero 4.21 cfw ( this is also applicable to PS3’s already on Rogero 4.30 cfw)
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How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3

Posted on October 29, 2012

Update: Rogero has released the latest version of his custom firmware with Rogero 4.30 v2.05 cfw (which can now be installed via XMB). Here’s the link for the tutorial on How to install Rogero 4.30 v2.05 on your PS3

Good news for PS3 Homebrew fans! Rogero has released an updated version to his initial 4.21 cfw, now with Rogero 4.30 cfw you can now play PS3 games that required higher firmwares and the ability to access PSN/PEN while still enjoying Homebrew on your PS3.

How to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3


Here are the steps to install Rogero 4.30 cfw on your PS3:

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