News about the PlayStation 4 jailbreak recently created waves around the homebrew community, A hacker called Reckz0r claims he has released the PS4 jailbreak files and pasted links for download on his Pastebin account. Don’t get your hopes of getting a jailbreak PS4 and play around with it up yet, because the PS4 jailbreak seems to be leaning more in the FAKE/HOAX category.

PS4 Jailbreak surfaces, found out to be Fake!

Reckz0r claims to have been able to jailbreak the PS4 and run homebrew on it including playing backed up PS4 games, below are the contents from his Pastebin account:
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How to improve your computer’s performance

Posted on November 30, 2013

A while ago we published an article on how to improve your computer’s performance at no cost, this time around we’ll be discussing a few basic tips on improving your PC’s performance when you have some money to spend.

How to improve your computer’s performance

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PS Vita Remote Play Games List

Posted on November 26, 2013

Here is a list of PS3 games we compiled info on to provide you with information whether or not a PS3 game is playable via remote play on the PS Vita.  The best chance of any PS3 game working via remote play is to make sure you are on the latest firmware for both the PS3 and the PS Vita, as of writing the latest firmware for the PS3 is firmware 4.50 and the latest firmware for the PS Vita is 3.00.

PS Vita Remote Play Games List
While all PS4 games will run Vita via remote play, PS3 games remote play compatibility seems to be a hit and miss.

Note: This is an on-going list, and will be updated from time to time. Its possible that the remote play compatibility will improve in the future via firmware updates. You can use the search feature on the table to quickly jump to your PS3 game.
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MultiMan 04.50.04

Posted on November 25, 2013

Apologies for the late post, MultiMan 04.50.04 has been out for a while now. Deank has released an update with version 04.50.04 to add support for more 4.50 custom firmwares.


Here’s whats included in the Multiman 04.50.04 update:

  • Added support for 4.50 DEX CFW
  • Added support for 4.46 Cobra/Rogero CFW
  • Added “Switch between mmCM and multiMAN” option in HOME column
  • Added support for loading network games in JB/FOLDER format using ps3netsrv
  • In Cobra/mmCM mode all functions are operational (tested)
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    Normally, when we say we’re going to improve our PC’s performance we would actually mean we are going to buy new upgrades to boost our computers performance. It would either be a new purchase of additional storage space, additional RAM, or to buy a new video card. But sometimes, when we need to improve our pc, factors like time and money forbids us to purchase new upgrades, it would always be wise to be able to improve your computer’s performance at no cost.

    How to improve your computer’s performance at no cost

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    Now that the PS4 is finally out, and Sony selling over 1 millions PS4′s within 24 hours (That’s gotta be a record of some sort). Here we get to see Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon and his guest Ice-T play with a demo of the PS4′s Playroom which seems a hell lot of fun.

    Fallon seems to enjoy playing with the little tiny and adorable robots from The Playroom, while his guest, Ice-T has a different way of showing his interest in the game. And by showing interest we mean by giving those little androids the boot. Which elicits laughter from everyone in the studio as the one of the androids he kicked showed up and splattered across the screen.

    The Playroom demo is pre-installed on every PS4 but you will need to buy the PlayStation Camera if you want to play the game as it is intended to be (not sure if you can run and play the game without the camera).

    The audience does seem impressed with the Playroom Demo and Ice-T even said “Sold!” after he kick one of the androids. The game seems like a great way to showcase to everyone on how cool the PS4 and PlayStation camera is, and it will surely impress your friends.

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    Sony has released a firmware update for the PS Vita with Firmware 3.00. This 3.00 Firmware update adds lots of new features that will be a big welcome to PS Vita Users.

    PS VITA Firmware 3.00 Update

    One of the notable additions from this firmware update is the addition of A Panoramic Camera App for the Vita.
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    Habib has released a treat for CFW users this halloween with Habib 4.50 DB OFW. What it does is that it allows CFW users to dual boot from CFW to OFW in order to play online.

    PS3 XMB

    What Habib 4.50 DB OFW basically does is that it disables 2 ecdsa checks which prevented CFW from being installed. Once activated, QA, Multiman and your backed up games wont work until you reboot to CFW again. Meaning, only your original discs will work so you can play them online without being banned.
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    This month we’re giving you a bonus, enter this Featurepoints referral code and get 50 points for free!

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    The world has truly evolved since the days when high entertainment was going to the town market. These days the Internet is a haven for having fun. Whenever someone laments they are bored, there is no sympathy, not when there is a plethora of fun online games to be played. What is more, most of these online games can be played for free, at least in a trial version of the games. When looking to play some of these games, you can choose the kinds of games you want to play, learn about the games and then start having fun. Never again will you have to call your friends begging to go out and do something with the knowledge fun is only a click away.

    Choosing the Games You Want to Play
    As soon as you decide you’re ready to stop banging rocks together for fun, it is time to see what fun online games you want to play. There are literally games for every single genre you want to play in. You can choose from sports, action, role playing, adventure, problem solving, cards and more. Most of the sites offering online games make it possible for you to choose between categories of games and then browse the titles available for you to play. If you know which category you want to play in, this makes finding a game even easier. If you are not sure, you can browse through all of the categories until you find something you like.
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