Suri TV, a very funny Siri Parody

Posted on March 14, 2012

Joining the Apple bandwagon they started early this month by announcing The new iPad, here we get so see a very funny parody of the much loved Siri for the iPhone 4s called Suri TV. The video features the hilarious instances about what would happen if ever Apple decides to introduce Siri technology onto TV’s. The video gives it a hilarious twist, and I found this really funny. As it says in the video description: “Suri TV – Almost ready to revolutionize television.” well, almost.

Via: Youtube

The new iPad release video

Posted on March 12, 2012

Last March 7 2012, Apple introduced the newest Apple device to the world, and Tech4idiots was one of those who almost religiously followed Tim Cook’s key-note. Although I was abit disappointed for the absence of Siri on the new Ipad, still, Apple has introduced a lot of great features one may expect from the Ipad, most notable is the new retina display, add to that the new iPhoto for the iPad FTW! Anyway, I wrote a post about the announcement of the new Ipad including the all important facts about it’s specs in this article: Apple introduces the The new Ipad. Here we get to see the release video for the New Ipad about its new features and enhanced capabilities in this 5 minute video.

Excited? I know I am.


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Probably the most frequent question asked by gamers is how good is their internet connection? Many times this question is then followed by a Speedtest image, which reflects an image of speed from different servers around the globe. The variation is astounding, anything from incredible T3 Fiber-optic connections to 24-40 station DSL connections to DSL residential connections to cable to FiOS. Some residential connections are downright awful, while others are amazingly good. Not all cheap internet service providers are created equal. Some may offer terrible service, but others may offer as good or better service than standard big name providers.

(Image Courtesy of photosteve101)

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Earlier today Apple has finally announced the next generation Ipad. After months of speculation on whether what the new version will be called, Ipad 2s, Ipad 3, Ipad 4g, or Ipad HD, Apple debunked all these rumored names and officially labeled it simply as “The new Ipad”, yes you read that right, “The new Ipad”. It’s name is simple, yet if you ask Tech4idiots, it has an obnoxious and seemingly arrogant tone to it. Mainly because its mostly marketed for those obnoxious arrogant Hipsters.

(Image from Engadget)

During the key-note I was really expecting Tim Cook to mention something about the Siri for the new Ipad, and eventually he did mentioned something about voice dictation but it was not Siri, and eventually it was confirmed that Siri will be absent for the new Ipad. The new retina display rumors were spot on and newer high definition camera for the Ipad is present. Aside from the unveiling of the new Ipad, Tim Cook has also announce the new Apple TV, which is now capable of 1080 Full HD video which is, with today’s modern LCDs a nice upgrade. Specs after the break.

Here are some of the specs for the new Ipad:

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Internet – How It Changes Our Lives

Posted on February 28, 2012
The Internet – How It Changes Our Lives

The internet is really a big part of every person’s life nowadays. I remember before, when I was in Junior High, internet is not a big thing. We have a very limited access and we can only get our free access thanks to the internet program of my friend he got from a prestigious university here. We were really satisfied and happy with the free 30 minutes free internet access we’re getting everyday. Read More

the Pirate bay screencap

Yes, you read that right, one of the most popular Torrent serving sites is going to stop serving Torrents (.torrent files) starting February 29 this year. But this does not mean that thepiratebay is going to shut down, they will be just using a different way of downloading torrents called Magnet links. But its also not to say that TPB will not be using torrents anymore because a Magnet link is just another way to download a torrent, it actually uses the torrent in the p2p swarm instead of on a centralized web server. And since almost all modern torrent downloaders such as Bittorrent and Utorrent are capable of downloading these files, they see that people would have no problem with the new changes.
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In light of the recent SOPA/ACTA protests and the seizure of popular file sharing websites like Megaupload. The internet Robin Hoods of today, known as “ANOYNYMOUS” has launched various attacks against US government run websites by hacking and shutting them all down. From these events we get to hear more about hacking and how do they actually do it, considering these are highly secured government owned websites. Here we have a nice short infographic about Hacking. Let looks at a peak at how do these guys actually do it.
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Apples to Apples – Infographic

Posted on January 10, 2012

If you search the word “Apple“on Google, chances are the results won’t be about the fruit that fell on Isaac Newton’s head. Thanks to the late Steve Jobs, the word Apple is not the fruit that if you eat one everyday, keeps the doctor away but rather now synonymous to beautiful trendy and cool gadgets and not the fruit. Apple is one of the world’s biggest tech companies, and here we have a very nice infographic illustrating how the Tech giant stacks up to America’s favorite fruit. So how does the company fare against the actual fruit? Read on. View Infographic

First of all, what the hell is a Millennial? From Wikipedia it is defined as:

“Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation (or Millennials), Generation Next, Net Generation, Echo Boomers, which describes the demographic cohort following Generation X”

If you ask Tech4idiots it’s the last generation where we still experienced the old ways and the old days and experienced the transition to our tech savvy society today. Our generation was the last who played on the streets while also transitioned and welcomed the new high tech and gadget savvy age that we are in today. Let’s take a look at this insightful and interesting Infographic about Millenials, or the generation Y. Well, of course, being the Best Generation ever, is a debatable title.

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Since it’s the start of the new year and it’s probably also a good time to start on making changes in your life/career or whatever. Here’s a nice Infographic title: The Truth about Facebook and Grades. It showcases a nice look as to how Facebook has changed our social lives and how it is affecting the study habits of students today. Does it have a good or bad impact? Read on!
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