Truth be told, almost everything can be done through the internet nowadays. It started with online shopping where people can now just sit in their homes in front of their computers and buy whatever they what with just a simple click of their mouse. And then came online banking, as online security became better and better, so did the people’s trust in providing their bank details and doing their banking transactions online. After web-based banking emerged, a whole host of financial tools quickly followed. Everything from stock- and commodity-trading, to highly specialized tax calculators and estimators. This step in online security also opened up new doors for other products and commodities to enter the online boom.
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Remember the grandma who got bullied on the Bus by a couple of stupid punk ass kids? The story however resulted in a happy ending for her as donations reached around $650,000 for her retirement funds. This story reminds us how bullying can come from anyone, anywhere regardless of your age, we all can be a victim of it. especially with today’s modern society where bullying from the playground has also now moved to the web. As the rate and frequency at which kids and teens are being bullied online has risen at an alarming rate which lets us be reminded and be aware that bullying and cyberbullying can happen to anyone anywhere regardless of age. Here we have an infographic that examines the presence of cyberbullying at any age, as well as the way it may impact kids if people don’t speak out and do something against it.
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So you have a website up and running, you write informative and interesting posts intended for your readers. You promote your site to your friends and help spread the word out about your site to increase your audience. You work hard on this and finally your hard work pays off, an article from your website suddenly becomes viral and visitors from all over the world starts visiting your site in the thousands. And then you realize the web hosting you have has a monthly bandwidth cap and it gets exhausted in just a matter of hours and now you website is down.

All the hard work you made promoting your site popular will just be wasted effort if your website cannot handle the amount of traffic that you initially worked hard for. And that sucks, big time. Of course you can always get another host with that offers bigger and sometimes even unlimited bandwidth like Hostgator, but that’s a different story. So now the question is, how can I improve or reduce my website’s bandwidth? So here’s my take on how to reduce your website’s bandwidth usage.
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Retina MacBook Pro teaser video

Posted on June 13, 2012

So WWDC 2012 has come and gone, and we finally got a glimpse of what’s next to come out from Apple. From the unveiling of the iOS 6 and it’s new awesome features (such as an updated Siri) and to the new Macbook Pros boasting Retina Displays, all these news and details about the recent WWDC may come as a bit of information overload for some of us, so for the meantime let’s sit back relax and watch as you will probably drool over the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display even more.


Looking for an Antivirus software but don’t couldn’t afford those pricey monthly or yearly subscriptions or simply just don’t want to dish out your hard earned cash? Although there are tons of Free Antivirus Software out there in the wild wild web, most of them are either crap or just don’t do the job. So here we selected the most reliable, most useful and more importantly, cheapest (Free! duh!). So here I present you the Top 5 Free Antivirus Programs of all time.

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Toner cartridges are often called by the name of laser toners as well.Depending on the need of the consumer, these toners can be classified in different categories starting from quality to price range. The color cartridges can even be categorized on the basis of the electronic devices, which they are manufactured for. Following are some of the prominent types of printer cartridges:
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5 Crucial Components for a Gaming PC

Posted on May 31, 2012

If you choose to build a gaming PC, it is important to focus on the right parts. There are a number of items that one can fit into a good gaming rig, but five are particularly important. If you purchase nothing else for your new gaming PC, the items below should still lead to a stellar gameplay experience.

5 Crucial Components for a Gaming PC

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Getting a New App Approved

Posted on May 29, 2012

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to enter the fiercely competitive world of app design and production, you are diving in to a market where literally everyone wants a piece of the action. As an app creator, you must now face some substantial hurdles before you can see your app sitting on the virtual shelves of Apple’s App Store, and being downloaded by potentially thousands of people worldwide. The first and essential step is to create an app that is going to sit well with Apple – when you submit your app to the App Store, it will undergo professional review before it is approved. There is no point in creating an app that you know is going to be disliked by Apple, as it will never get past the starting mark.
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State of the Internet – Infographic

Posted on May 28, 2012

Here we have another nice Infographic about the State of the Internet today, the graphic shows us an interesting look across the globe about the impact of the ever increasing speed of internet connections of different countries and how it’s usage also affects how people are able educate themselves online.
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One thing you can be pretty sure of is that the information technology (IT) field isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While the particular type of IT we’re using right now won’t be around forever – maybe not even in a year or two – there are tips you can use to become generally better at IT. By learning about IT and exercising your skills, you’ll have a better intuition for how things should work when you encounter a type of IT you’re not familiar with.

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