Sure, virtually all tech sites are talking about Windows 10, blasting out reviews, first impressions and other tips alike. It’d be so easy to join the bandwagon but we’re taking an alternative route by showing you how to get Upgrade Windows 10 early.

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Now and skip the Queue

We all expect the Microsoft servers to get bogged down at some point during the first few hour of the Windows 10 launch, plus not everyone has been able to update yet since they are still in the queue for downloading the update. Who knows how long that queue is, maybe it will take a few hours, or days or even weeks before the update becomes available to you.

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Even though iPad sales have been in the decline recently, surely, when the iPad Pro finally comes out people are going to buy the new version in droves.

iPad Air and iPad Mini

But a lot of users, like us for example, wont find the need to upgrade to a newer iPad every year, we still have our trusty iPad retina for everyday use, and my old trusty first gen iPad still works. And it’s still perfectly useful for YouTube, web browsing, email, games, Facebook and other stuff, not bad for a 5 year old device. Our only issue with the first gen iPad is that it’s not compatible anymore with newer and more power hungry apps, but that’s a given, and makes sense. For whatever it was used back 5 years ago, it’s still perfectly useful for those things now. And the main reason it’s still in tip top shape is we used a good case for the iPad.

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PS4 Firmware 2.57 out now

Posted on July 23, 2015

Sony has rolled out a new firmware update for the PS4 with PS4 firmware 2.57.

PS4 Firmware 2.57 out now

It’s another small updates and as usual, brings nothing new or anything at all, except for that “System Stability Update”.

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Windows 10 is scheduled to launch next week and users are already excited to see what the new OS from Microsoft will bring. But with every operating system update, we also have to take into consideration the compatibility issues that may arise with your current favorite programs.

Windows 10

Sure, recent operating system versions released over the past few years (win 7, 8 etc) program compatibility has not been a big issue anymore as these newer operating system tend to be more friendly to older programs. But still, if you still own older versions of programs, like say, Photoshop 3 or 4, it might not work with a more recent OS.

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PS3 Developer Habib has recently released Habib Cobra 4.75 v0.3 CFW as a public beta.

Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.01 CFW now available

This release includes Cobra v7.10, but please keep in mind that this is a beta release and you may encounter bugs. So you might want to skip this if you don’t know how to fix your console in case it would result in a brick.

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Although Apple has not publicly released the Apple Watch sales and Revenues in the earnings report they recently released, which make perfect sense since Apple has already stated that they won’t be releasing sales numbers for competitive reasons. However, Tim Cook himself has hinted that the Apple Watch has already sold over $1.4 billion in revenue.

Apple Watch sales expected to exceed 3 million units despite growing competition in the Smart Watch scene

That’s a lot of Apple Watches sold. The Apple watch is in the “Other” category from their earnings report with which reported a revenue of about 2.6 billion. This number is a huge jump from previous reports since this is the first time the Apple Watch revenues has been included. And by judging from the averages from previous reports, the Apple Watch accounted for around (>)56% of this growth, or roughly around 1.4 billion.

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In the first half of 2015, Xiaomi has already sold about 34.7 million smartphones. This is a rather impressive number in terms of sales. And when compared to the iPhone which sold around 56 million (forecast numbers, but these tend to be reflected in reality), it seems the gap is getting smaller thanks to Xiaomi selling strong in China.

Xiaomi sales at a record high but still miss target

Sure 34.7 million sold units is a pretty impressive number, and keep in mind that these numbers are actually devices that were sold to consumers, and not just shipping numbers that virtually any manufacturer can make up. But unfortunately, it’s a far cry from what CEO Lei Jun proclaimed long ago that Xiaomi will reach or will sell a 100 million phones this year. (Recently, there has been a shipment decline in China so that may have affected the sales numbers.)

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The OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch is the latest smart watch from OUKITEL that’s available for sale on Powered by MTK2502 chip, and Bluetooth 4.0, this smart watch is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.

OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch for iOS and Android

On a previous post we mentioned that is having a Smart Bracelet sale, and right now they are offering a big discount for OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch for iOS and Android. The original price is at $56.99 and if you use the coupon code A28, the price will be down to $49.99 and you will be able to save 7$ on your new smart watch thanks to the coupon code.

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The smart band market has never been more alive ever since Apple entered the smart watch market, with the Apple watch already having a wide range of colors to choose from, from candy colors to plain Aluminium, and to an 18 Karat Gold versions.

Huawei Smart Bands

While Apple products are sold at a premium price, other manufacturers have started to enter the smart band/watch market by introducing cheaper alternatives for the Apple Watch. Other manufacturers like Xiaomi are entering the battle field by introducing cheaper alternatives. Providing a wide range of Smart bracelets for a much cheaper prices. Surely, even with the high prices the Apple watch still dominates the smart band market. But as more and more competition comes to the scene, the pricing is where the battles are going to be held.
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PS Vita Firmware 3.52 now available

Posted on July 8, 2015

Sony has released an new firmware update for the PS Vita with PS Vita firmware 3.52.

PS Vita Firmware 3.52 now available

As usual, the update does not bring anything new except to patch holes in the firmware that allowed homebrew for the PS Vita by revoking PSM from the device.

The firmware update did not officially state that it is designed to patch any exploit that enable homebrew on the Vita but just another “System Stability Update”

The exploit has been reportedly been effectively blocked by this update and those using Rejuvenate are advised not to update their devices.

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