Developer of IrisMAN, Aldostools has released an update to his PS3 cfw file manager with IrisMAN 3.45 and now includes support for 4.70 CFW


PS3 users currently on 4.70 CFW has been waiting for an update to their favorite PS3 file managers and Aldostools has answered with IrisMAN 3.45.

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Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.01 CFW now available

Posted on March 20, 2015

As a follow up from his earlier release (Habib 4.70 CFW v1.00), PS3 developer Habib has released and update to his PS3 CFW with Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.01 CFW.

Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.01 CFW now available

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Microsoft has announced that the next edition of Windows, Windows 10 will be available by summer this year and will be completely free.

Windows 10 will arrive this summer for free

Yep, free.

Windows 10 will be released in 190 countries this summer and will be a free upgrade if you are coming from Windows 7 or Windows 8 (and 8.1). Microsoft looks like its now following Apple with regards to making their OS free for everyone including subsequent updates which is always a welcome thing for consumers.

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Apple will be making the switch coming from an Android device to an iPhone a lot more easier.

Apple to start trade-ins for iPhone gift cards from Android switchers soon

Apple has recently revealed plans to give incentives to Android switchers by giving them Apple Store credit in exchange for their non-iOS device that they will bring to the Apple store.

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Apple has now unlocked iOS betas for the public, and you no longer need to have an App developer membership to have access to iOS betas.

iOS beta versions are now available for everyone

Apple has already mentioned a few weeks ago that they would release iOS betas to the public as an effort to greatly help eliminate bugs and other problems by letting more users try out the beta version before officially releasing it to the public. And now, anyone can now join Apple’s official Beta Testing Program and be able to download and test any iOS beta version that Apple releases. So if you want to be ahead of everyone else with regards to iOS updates, this the perfect program for you.

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Sony has announced on the PlayStation Blog the upcoming PS4 firmware update 2.50 code named: “Yukimura” is confirmed to bring Suspend/Resume feature for the PS4.

PS4 Firmware 2.50 codenamed: “Yukimura” confirmed to bring Suspend/Resume and other

The Suspend/Resume feature has been announced ever since the PS4 was revealed back in 2013, it would enable players to jump in and out of their PS4 games faster. It would allow players to simply log-off their PS4, put the console in rest mode and be able to start the game again quickly from where you exactly left off. Just pick up you PS4 controller, press the PS button and be back to your game in no time, no need to load the game from scratch so you can seamlessly continue playing your game. And the Suspend/Resume feature will be supported by nearly all PS4 games available right now. This is something PS4 users have been excited about ever since launch only to be disappointed when it was not included during said launch, but better late than never right?

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Another PS4 jailbreak news has arrived and this time it involves a new USB dongle and is reported to be currently in testing.

PS4 Jailbreak that uses a new type of USB Dongle is fake
Except that it’s totally fake.

The news of this PS4 jailbreak dongle first appeared in a Wololo forum post where a user has posted info regarding a new PS4 Jailbreak involving “Garyopa and other guys from china” and a picture of a mysterious USB dongle. The picture looks kind legit, looks like a real USB, but for all we know it can be a new charger from Apple or Samsung, meaning, it does not hold any bearing to whatever claim it has.

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Apple has just released iOS 8.2 to the public, this is just right after their big keynote has ended.

The new Apple Watch App

Just as what saw from the iOS 8.2 beta version, the official iOS 8.2 update now includes the new app for the just announced Apple Watch. The new App is required for setting up the Apple Watch, pairing with your iPhone and loading apps, and the App cannot be deleted (but you can always tuck it away in a folder where apps like Apple Maps reside).

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Leaked details for the upcoming 2.50 firmware update for the PS4 has revealed some interesting and much awaited additions.

PS4 firmware update 2.50 to come with DualShock 4 button configuration options,  SharePlay at 60fps and Suspend/Resume feature

A Beta user has leaked the details of the upcoming PS4 firmware 2.50 and from the looks of it, the new firmware seems to come packing with a lot of new features. One of the most awaited features of the PS4 is the Suspend/Resume function that is reported to be included in the 2.50 update. This feature has been announced by Sony ever since the announcement of the PS4 and players have been clamoring for this feature since launch. With this feature, players will be able to put the PS4 on standby or rest mode, reload the game and pick up from where exactly where the player left off.

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Today, Microsoft has just announced that the Microsoft Office 2016 for MAC preview build is now available for free.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac free preview now available

The final Microsoft Office 2016 for MAC will be available later this summer, and Microsoft has made the preview build available for free in order to attract more MAC users by letting them try out the beta version. Users will need to buy the final Microsoft Office 2016 once it gets released if they would want to continue using the product and no word yet on the price of the final build.

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