PS3 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler for PS3 CFW now available

Written by Tech84 on February 14, 2015

PS3 developer ARCH has released an update to his PS3 firmware spoofer with PS3 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler.

PS3 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler for PS3 CFW now available

ARCH has released multiple versions though, since the first few releases had some bug and since then he has continued working on releasing bug fixes as soon as he finds them. The most recent and stable one is version 1.11.

A PS3 spoofer is used to mask your PS3 into using the latest OFW so that you will be able to log in and access the PSN store, play online multiplayer games and access the other PSN online stuff that requires you to have the latest firmware version installed. Please note that even though you are spoofing your CFW PS3 to look like the latest version of the official firmware, there is no guarantee that you would not be banned for using CFW.

You can download PS3 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler for PS3 CFW v1.11 here. (56MB)

PS3 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler is compatible with the following CFW:

  • Rogero 4.xx CEX
  • Habib 4.xx CEX version (not compatible with COBRA version)
  • Ferrox 4.xx CEX
  • Arch 4.xx CEX (not compatible with FLEX version)
  • Darknet 4.xx CEX (not compatible with COBRA version)
  • Ferrox 4.xx CEX (not compatible with COBRA version)
  • Rebug 4.46.1 REX Edition (only on Retail / Normal mode)
  • Unofficial Rebug 4.53.1 REX (Only on Retail / normal mode) (not compatible with COBRA version)
  • Rebug Cobra 4.65.1 (Only on Retail / normal mode)

However, there are some CFW’s not Compatible:

  • All CFW Cobra [except Rebug cobra 4.65.1] and CFW DEX or CFW 3.xx

How to install 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler:
1. Download PKG
2. If you already have an older version of the spoofer please uninstall it first.
3. Install the PKG you just downlaoded.
4. Launch the spoofer, choose the version of your CFW and then choose to enable or disable the 4.66 spoof.
5. Then, select YES to reboot your console and then select YES again if asked to to a hard reboot.
6. You console will restart and once loaded you will now be in firmware 4.66 ready to go online again.

Additional notes:
1. If your PS3 does not restart correctly after installing the 4.66 Spoof Enabler / Disabler PKG, just go to recovery mode and re-install your CFW from there.

2. Rebug CFW’s, set in normal mode through the Rebug Toolbox.

3: This is an issues usually for cobra users, if you experience black screens or freezing, try checking your firmware version in the system settings. If you see x.xx, this is most likely the cause and can be fixed by:

  • Delete MultiMan.
  • Install Habib non cobra 4.65 INSTALL VIA RECOVERY MENU
  • Install the latest Multiman and try running it then exit.
  • Install webman 1.30.35 and open it
  • Install Habib 4.65 cobra v 1.02
  • Run webman again.
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