News about the PlayStation 4 jailbreak recently created waves around the homebrew community, A hacker called Reckz0r claims he has released the PS4 jailbreak files and pasted links for download on his Pastebin account. Don’t get your hopes of getting a jailbreak PS4 and play around with it up yet, because the PS4 jailbreak seems to be leaning more in the FAKE/HOAX category.

PS4 Jailbreak surfaces, found out to be Fake!

Reckz0r claims to have been able to jailbreak the PS4 and run homebrew on it including playing backed up PS4 games, below are the contents from his Pastebin account:

______ _ _____
| ___ \ | | | _ |
| |_/ / ___ ___ | | __ ____ | |/’ | _ __
| / / _ \ / __| | |/ / |_ / | /| | | ‘__|
| |\ \ | __/ | (__ | < / / \ |_/ / | | 2011-present \_| \_| \___| \___| |_|\_\ /___| \___/ |_| "Buy an Apple, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, Nintendo..but don't buy a Sony." - George Hotz ------------------------------------------ I have been away for a while, so my question to you is; did you miss me? I am aware that ya'll were all thirsty for a cup of a fine Reckz0r release, so here I am...with a fine fuckin' glass of a RECKZ0R release, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (did that sound sarcastic?) Before I get off started ridiculing Sony, I'd like to pay homage to Sir George Hotz, who looked into the eyes of Sony and made them ejaculate as they bowed down in fear. Very artistic of you, Geohotz. Now that, George Hotz has resigned from engaging in all types of sexual activities with an computer, and as all fans of PlayStation are crying for the comeback of GeoHotz..I'd let you all know, you don't need that lil fuckin' faggot. You really don't. Well, alright....LET'S GET STARTED ALREADY! As you all know, PS4 runs Orbis OS, that is highly based on FreeBSD (which is a opensource operating system), and as the PS4 is closely identical to a PC, I guess you all knew that PS4 and the Xbox One will probably end up getting pwned soon, and now..its time. NOTE: I did not find this vulnerability within PS4, nor did I write the exploit, while I was browsing thru an Brazilian console-hacking forum known as condinh0 (I am sure you all know this if you hang out at TOR). A person named x-s4nd3r released the devkit of PS4, as well as the exploit within 5 days of PS4 release. Although most of you don't know how to apply that jailbreak on the PS4, I am making this tutorial to sort this shit out for you. -EXPLOIT DETAILS- OS: Orbis Console: PlayStation 4 Type: Privilege Escalation/Buffer Overflow (allows to run assigned code) Created on: 25 November 2013 -AUTHOR- Name: x-s4nd3r URL: (feel free to get him v&) FILES: PS4 DevKit: Jailbreak Package (exploit): ***IMPORTANT***** - You need the DAY ONE Update to jailbreak the PS4, otherwise these files will be considered unrecognizable. GUIDE: 1. Create a folder on your USB storage device. This is where you'll put the exploit. 2. Create a "SANDERPS4" folder. Inside that folder, create another folder named "EXP." 3. Extract the PSORBISEXP.PUP file from the package, and save it in the EXP folder. 4. Make sure your PlayStation 4 is turned off. 5. Connect the USB storage device to your PlayStation 4, and press the power button for at least 7 seconds. The PlayStation 4 will start in Safe Mode. 6. Select "Update System Software." 7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the jailbreak. 8. If your PlayStation 4 doesn't recognize the jailbreaking file, make sure that the folder and file names are correct. 9. Voila! JAILBROKEN! --------------------------- You now have the ability to run unassigned/assigned code and pirated games on your PS4, but do NOT go online, if you do go online, your console will be immediately banned. Have fun piratin'

Both links are now dead, you will only get the generic “This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright.”. There are claims making the rounds that that in some forums, there were some people using it now. these files would have such of big importance and tons of mirrors would have showed up but none has been found. This makes one begin to question whether those files actually ever existed.

The “hacker” posted a screenshot of his twitter exchange with “playstation” confirming the existence of the files and the reason for it being taken down is posted below:

ps4 hacker and playstation twitter exchange

And as states:

Here again, everybody who’s had a professional activity in their life knows that an official PR-related twitter account from a respectable company such as Sony would never contact a hacker directly like that on twitter, especially to use such petty intimidation. Anybody also noticed how Direct Messages in Twitter are limited to 140 characters? That didn’t seem to be part of the faker’s plan, that or he is really trying hard to make it obvious this whole thing is a joke. has already outed the jailbreak to be a complete fake here.

The news about the PS4 jailbreak tried to produce some convincing factors, such as the twitter screencap above (which is easy to fake), and that some forums claims that the hacker reckz0r is a real member of the hacking scene, (we Googled him but results were showing him in a negative light, claiming ownership of copy/pasted leaks from other hacking teams, fake hacks etc.) so his credibility is obviously in question.

In conclusion, the PS4 jailbreak is Fake! And any site claiming otherwise is also fake and are more likely scam sites leading you to some survey or something. As with everything you read on the internet, always be vigilant.

If you have any updates or have anything to add or share, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Ted says:

    The twitter screencap is an obvious fake, if you count the characters its more than 140.

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