PSX eBoot Creator Tool

Written by Tech84 on May 14, 2009

Impaler PSX eBoot Creator

This app was created to simplify the process of building eBoots from Playstation games. It allows the users, based on how many disks are selected, create a single or multi-disk eBoot. It also allows users to select a previous eBoot and will convert it to an ISO. Currently the only disk format that is supported is ISO. There is a link to a disk converter for download to convert BIN/IMG files to ISO.

Step 1: Select an eBoot / ISO

This selection screen allows the user to select an ISO or EBoot. If an EBoot is selected, the user will be prompted for a new name and the eBoot will be ripped back into an ISO. Then the newly created ISO will be selected. Currently the app only supports ISOs. UltraISO is available for download to convert and other images to ISOs.

Step 2: Enter an Game Title / Game Codes

Next, the user must enter a Game Title. The Game Title will be the name of the folder that is created after the application is completed. After the Title is entered, click search and a list of matches will appear. ONLY SELECT ONE code. If more than one title is selected an error is thrown.

Step 3: Select specialized boot images

Next, the user can select different images (png) for the menu. The best website that i have found is PopStation ImagePacks. After the images are downloaded, just select them.

Step 4: Create the EBoot

The last step is to click the create button, once the operation is completed. A folder is created in the results folder named like the Game Title.


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16 Responses to “PSX eBoot Creator Tool”

  1. hanney says:

    i like this one, but were can i get free psx eboots?

  2. tech84 says:

    im thinking of posting links to psx eboots, just stay tuned.

  3. henry254 says:

    you download from

  4. henry254 says:

    no registration and its free

  5. henry254 says:

    you can convert them into .pbp whith the popstation gui

  6. henry254 says:
    download this installer and install it in your computer, you just need to click “file” on the upper left corner of the isobuster window then click “open image file”then go to the folder where you put the downloaded psx just open the .bin file
    then, right click the CD and click “extractCD “then click “RAW(*.bin*.iso)”then isobuster will ask you where to put the iso put it anywhere you may please then you can convert them into pbp usisng the psx eboot creator

  7. henry254 says:

    i forgot, you also need to put “iso” to the end of the bin file

  8. mattz82 says:

    thanks man! now if anyone would put links to full psp games

  9. henry254 says:

    without the http://

  10. bennyxz says:

    sorry to revive this, i have read in some pages that there is a way to make eboots withouth custom firmaware. This isos will work on a official firmware psp?? ty

  11. Toji says:

    You do not need cfw to make Eboots, and you also dont need cfw in order to play psone games on your PSP.

  12. Linkandnavi says:

    it seems to be stuck on writing iso, does this take a few mins? a progress indicator would be appreciated :3

  13. CursMarck says:

    Thanks a bunch dude
    Playing Final Fantasy IX LIKE A BOSS !!!!XD

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