Q: you want FREE PSP game downloads?

Written by Tech84 on January 28, 2008

(Important! — before you go around the internet looking for psp game downloads it is imperative that you read this first to avoid getting scammed by those so called “Free PSP Games for a one time Fee” scams.)

Im thinking posting free free psp games for you to download, what you think?

I’ll look around the net for psp downloads and i’ll post them for you to download..

I’ll make my decision base on what you guys think so…

Please leave a comment.

31 Responses to “Q: you want FREE PSP game downloads?”

  1. SleekPage says:

    Sure, a list of free psp gamesfor download would be great. Make sure the upcoming God of War link is there. 🙂

  2. gnomestalker says:

    ummm, no? heheh ofcourse yes man!!

  3. micheal shoe maker says:

    please do so

  4. tech84 says:

    mmmm, im not getting a lot of feedback here…

    thanks for the suggestions but i need more feedback…. 😀

  5. gnomestalker says:

    dude, i want free psp game downloads. there. =)

  6. tweedledum2k says:

    Final Fantasy Crisis Core English Edition pls.

  7. iwantPSP says:

    sure! anything free is welcome!

  8. Psp Games says:

    […] Q: you want FREE PSP game downloads? […]

  9. Metal_Head_Fred says:

    word of advice though, i dont think wordpress would allow you to post links to illegal downloads, ive read it in their policy pages.

  10. daradiri says:

    prince of persia pls, thnks

  11. bacco says:

    U r late; start inmediatly pls

  12. DKX says:

    Hey dude, please post some…I like:

    Tekken 5

    300: March to Glory


  13. jaran96 says:

    That will be cool, man…

    I hope I could expect that soon…

  14. jakestrong2 says:

    hes Not gonna post any full games u idiots!!!!!

  15. Digital-Man says:

    Nice article, you really did a great job on designing your website.

  16. McLovin says:



    Here you can download full games to psp.


  17. linkintek06 says:

    HAH THIS IS A PRETTY DECENT BLOGGGGGGGGGG like i was googling ‘psp themes’ AND BAM! i found this blog >_>


  18. linkintek06 says:

    edit: bookmarking site ! as well
    i just felt like i had to say that BAM

  19. [email protected] says:

    iwant psp themes and games how to put the game in memory card and send me dome games and the themes plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. [email protected] says:

    iwant psp themes and games how to put the game in memory card and send me some games and the themes plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Anyone played God of War? I’ve tried the demo version and it’s one of the best games I’ve played on the psp. Definitely highly recommended!

  22. Tech84 says:

    yes, a wonderful addition to your collection of PSP games. Absulutely beautiful.


  23. pro says:

    that would be cool man

  24. rick says:

    I found some cool games on [removed]
    for psp ,ps3,xbox,and wii..

  25. when says:

    When are you gonna start posting these ? if they work on official firmware I whould really appritiate it.

  26. Chris says:

    Hey Tech,

    I think that would be a great idea, Just try to choose sites that you don’t have to subscribe or pay for…mainly “PAYING” for. No, Piracy, but if you can get some I think it would boost your sites activity and make us very happy.

    In the end; Great idea, roll with it.


  27. kyrider79 says:

    That would be like the greatest thing ever. I have been searching for some. Also please have step by step to install them, I am a newbie, lol. Just got my PSP today!
    THX ALOT *kyrider79*

  28. mk1cameron says:

    dudes i looked all week and i haven’t found any “Free” psp games i don’t think there are any

  29. Forest Gump says:

    Man if u do plz plz plz either put grand theft auto vice city stories or grand theft auto liberty city stories which ever one is better…

  30. something says:

    please man i really need free games, like 300 march to glory.
    thankyou by the way

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