Top Free Anti Virus Software for Windows

Written by Tech84 on January 22, 2015

Top Free Antivirus software for 2015 How do you distinguish a good anti-virus software from a bad one? What parameters do you apply to determine whether you are getting reliable protection against security threats such as viruses and malware? There are a number of criteria that you should consider when picking out a good anti-virus software. A good anti-virus program provides real-time protection, the ability to deep scan your files, and auto-updating of definitions. Most good anti-virus software can also scan email and your network connection, detecting any inconsistencies in programs attempting to access the net. Running regular virus checks is a maintenance task that you should be doing on a monthly basis, and you need a solid anti-virus program to do this. Below is a run-down of the top free antivirus software for 2015.

1. Avast Free Anti-Virus Program

Avast Free Anti-Virus Program

Avast free anti-virus is the most downloaded program when it comes to protection products. This software performs a broad range of tasks without slowing down your system. Independent tests from different laboratories have ranked Avast first over the course of multiple testing events. Avast comes with add-ons that detect and notify the user of important program updates that are required to enhance the performance of the system. The Avast browser clean-up tool removes unused or rarely accessed add-ons. A recent addition to Avast’s s security features is the ransomware removal tool that eliminates android ransomware and removes encryption from files that have been ransomed. Besides the ransomware tools, a new addition called crime fighter gives the user a lot of flexibility and supports a more diverse range of languages than its predecessors support.

2. Panda Cloud Free Anti-Virus

Panda Cloud Free Anti-Virus

Panda antivirus is among the top free anti-virus software for Windows due to its range of functionalities. The anti-virus has an across the board compatibility with other software, making it practical to use alongside applications from different manufacturers. Even though the USB disk check tool is only available in the pro-version, the free version provides USB vaccinations. Panda cloud antivirus has VB 100 certification, a recognition given to products that laboratories have tested and achieved 100% detection of security threats.

3. Zone Alarm Free Anti-Virus and Firewall

Zone Alarm Free Anti-Virus and Firewall

Zone Alarm Free Anti-Virus is a solid program all around. The firewall functionality in this program is a significant advantage. Apart from that, the firewall interface is easy to use and offers some level of protection while on the Internet.

4. Avira Free Anti-Virus

Avira Free Anti-Virus

Independent testing laboratories rate Avira highly. This program always runs in the background, monitoring files and programs and ridding your computer of threats. Those users who install the Avira toolbar, get access to web tools such as ad blockers, social network protectors, and anti-phishing tools. Avira is quite popular with users having downloaded Avira over 300 million times.

5. Bit Defender Free Anti-Virus

Bit Defender Free Anti-Virus

Testing laboratories have given this program an excellent reliability rating when it comes to protecting PC’s. Bit Defender provides free real-time protection and has anti-phishing functionalities. In terms of ease of use, this program has come across as easy to use for even those without a ton of knowledge of computers.

Most commercial anti-virus programs are expensive. However, there are still a ton of free options when it comes to anti-virus software that provides reliable protection. In an age where security breaches and computer attacks have become the rule rather than the exception, it is important for users to have great protection in the form of a great anti-virus program.

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