What mobile device do you think is right for you?

Written by Tech84 on October 17, 2013

Because of the iPad and the rise of cheaper tablet alternatives, many consumers are now buying tablets instead of getting a new laptop. This has made a big dent in laptop sales and even halted the rise of netbooks which were the cheaper alternative. This is mainly due to tablets nowadays has the processing power, and connectivity that is at par with traditional laptops, especially with netbooks.

What mobile device do you think is right for you?

But still, the functionalities offered by a laptop can never be replaced by a tablet. It’s still fairly hard to write a full page article on a tablet alone, although you can get a keyboard attachment, but that only defeats the purpose of having a tablet. So in essence, laptops still and will always hold a huge advantage over tablets.

Another factor when considering either a laptop or a tablet is the price, an Apple iPad cost around $499 to $699, while cheaper alternatives go for a s low as $199 to around the $500 mark. Some laptops cost from hundred to a few thousand dollars, and netbooks cost around the $400-$500 mark. Aside from netbooks, there are also cheap laptop alternatives, but you should remember when buying cheap laptops it is important to know the specs first so you can tailor it to you needs. Like if you are only going to surf the internet and write some articles and do some minor editing here and there, a netbook or a cheap laptop is all you need. But if you are want a gaming rig or if you want to edit photos or videos, you might want a laptop with a bigger screen, a better video card, higher storage capacity and a bigger RAM, which in turn you should go with the more expensive route.

Although you can do all those things with a tablet, like surf the net, play games and do some photo editing, the functionalities of what tablets can offer will always be limited to some extent unlike the full functionalities that you can get with a laptop. And although tablets are making a big impact on laptop sales, tablets will not be able to replace certain functionalities that a laptop can offer.

So whether you’re going to buy a tablet or a laptop, it should always be up to you, the important thing is that you should always consider what you are buying it for first so that you would be in control over what applications or programs you would be using with your device.

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