PS3 4.78 Spoof Enabler / Disabler for CFW

Posted on February 5, 2016

PS3 developer arachetous has released an update for his popular PS3 firmware spoofer with PS3 4.78 Spoof Enabler / Disabler v1.20.

PS3 4.78 Spoof Enabler / Disabler for CFW

The update brings nothing much as expected since the only reason for the update is for the spoofer to be now compatible with the recently released PS3 firmware 4.78 update.

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Sony has stated that they already have fixed a “network issue” that users were experiencing after updating their PS Vita to Firmware 3.57 which prevented them from accessing the PlayStation Store.


The issue arose after multiple people reported not being able to access PSN after updating their system with the latest firmware 3.57 update. The Vita would just be stuck with the “Please wait…” message on their systems. Also, the battery seemed to be draining a lot faster after the update, even when it’s set to standby mode.

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The recently released PS Vita 3.57 firmware update has been causing all sorts of problems to a lot of users, and until Sony releases a fix for these problems, users experiencing these issues are screwed.

PS Vita Firmware 3.57 quick Fix

But not anymore, thanks to the internet we have compiled a list of simple fixes that has worked for many other users that you can do to make your PS Vita usable again.

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Sony has recently released a new software update for the PS Vita with the Vita firmware 3.57 update. And aside from removing the Facebook App from the Vita, the 3.57 update has been causing all sorts of problems for those who installed this update.

PS Vita

According to reports, the update has been draining some people’s batteries and has been preventing users from accessing the PlayStation Store on the Vita. Some are even reporting that their digital games doesn’t work anymore after this update, resulting to black screens and errors even after rebuilding the database.

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PS Vita Firmware Update 3.57 Now Available

Posted on January 29, 2016

Sony has also released a new firmware update for the PS Vita with the PS Vita firmware 3.57 update.

PS Vita

It’s been a while since Sony has released an update for this beloved, but seemingly forgotten console. And it’s nice to know that Sony is still releasing new updates for the PS Vita. But apparently, this is just another useless update, just like with the recently released PS3 4.78 firmware update.

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PS3 Firmware Update 4.78 now available

Posted on January 29, 2016

Sony has released a system software update for the PS3 with PS3 Firmware 4.78.

PS3 Official Firmware 4.78 Update

One would expect this to be another useless update, but you’d be wrong, because this is just another useless update and more. Because in this update, Sony has removed the Facebook app on the PS3 system rendering it useless (as if it wasn’t already unusable)

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DeanK has released a new update for his popular Custom Firmware File manager with MultiMan ver 4.78.00.


There isn’t really anything new in this update, but rather added compatibility features so that Multiman will now be compatible with newer CFW versions.

Here’s whats included in MultiMan 4.78.00:

  • Added support for CFW 4.78
  • Updated Japanese translation by Kyan_dudl
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    Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV, a recently posted a news year message that includes a promising note that Final Fantasy 15 will be a memorable one and a game that you will most definitely love! Oh and officially announcing the the game will finally come this 2016.

    Final Fantasy XV to be released this year!

    His message reminds us that they are making a game that they ‘are incredibly proud of’, goes to show the love and dedication that they put into this game, and also, hope it will help justify why this game is coming so late in the scene.

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    Seems like the PS Vita is getting some love from not hackers exactly, but more like pirates.

    Black Fin dongle will allow PS Vita users to run isos

    The Cobra Black Fin is a dongle that you can use in order to play ISOs on your PS Vita, meaning people can pirate Vita games and play them for free. This news comes as a surprise since the ability to play ISOs on any device requires a custom firmware to run.

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