MultiMan 4.66.04 Update Now Available

Posted on November 24, 2014

Just a few days after releasing version 4.66.02, Deank has just released a new update to MultiMan with Multiman 4.66.04.


Actually, he released two updates, first was MultiMan 4.66.03 that was supposed to fix some bugs found in MultiMan 4.66.02 that resulted to some black screens for Cobra users using the BD-Mirror option. This bug also affected some non-Cobra users who are also using the BD-Mirror option.

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Well, it’s been available for a few days now and we’re kinda sorry for reporting it late.

iOS 8.1.1 Now Available

While it has been widely reported that iOS 8 has not been kind to older devices performance wise, since iOS 8 has been designed around much more powerful devices and requires a lot more from the hardware, it resulted to some performance issues on older devices such as the iPhone 4s and the iPad 2.

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MultiMan 4.66.02 Now Available

Posted on November 21, 2014

Update: MultiMAN 04.66.04 now Available!

Just after releasing MultiMan 4.65.01 a few days ago, Deank has released another update for MultiMan with MultiMan 4.66.02 which now supports PS3s running 4.66 CFW.


Sony has released a mandatory firmware update with Official PS3 firmware 4.66 yesterday, requiring users to have the latest firmware installed on their systems in order to access PSN and other online features using their PS3 consoles.

Some PS3 developers have already responded by releasing their updated 4.66 CFW versions and now Deank has also released an update for MultiMan to support 4.66 CFW.

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Sony has just released a new update for the PS3 with PS3 Official Firmware 4.66 and it seems they have made this update mandatory.

PS3 Official Firmware 4.65 Out Now
Image source:Joystiq

This means that PS3 users will be required to update to the latest firmware in order to continue having access to PSN and other online services by Sony. Not sure why they made this pretty insignificant update because this update only features vague system software stability message in the changelog.

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Seems like PS3 developer ReActPSN has been busy these past few days as the popular PS3 CFW tool gets an update today with ReActPSN 3.20.

ReActPSN 3.20 Now Available, now supports future CFW

The ReActPSN 3.20 adds new compatibility to firmwares 3.55 and above, meaning it basically adds compatibility to all CFW ranging from 3.55-4.65.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has just released a new video celebrating 20 years of PlayStation by taking us to a trip down memory lane.

Watch as Sony celebrates 20 years of PlayStation by thanking fans in this new video

Can’t believe it’s already been 2 decades since the PlayStation One launched!

The trailer is in Japanese and the title when translated means: “Everyone Who Loves Games, Thank you,”. This is such a nice gesture from Sony by thanking it’s fans, (old and new) for supporting the franchise.

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Official MultiMAN v04.65.01 now Available

Posted on November 11, 2014

Update: MultiMAN 04.66.02 now Available! (Now Supports 4.66 CFW)

PS3 Developer Deank has finally released an official Multiman update with MultiMAN v04.65.01. This new MultiMan update now adds support for PS3 4.65 CFW.


Normally we don’t put up the word “official” whenever a new MultiMan update is released, but since the last MultiMan update released was an unofficial version of MultiMAN v04.65.00, so we guess it would only be correct to address this update as a “Official” one.

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Most of us have placed the odd bet on a sporting fixture in the past, but how many of you have really tried to make some serious money through spreading betting?

How to turn your Phone into a Money Making Machine

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After releasing firmware 3.35 for the Vita and Vita TV. Today, Sony has released the Network Media Player for the PS Vita and Vita TV.

Sony Network Media Player for your PS Vita and Vita TV now available

The Network media Player app lets your PS Vita and Vita TV connect to any of your media servers located in your home network. Using this app will let you access photos, stream music and watch movies using your PS Vita and Vita TV connected to your media server. The app also allows you to copy your photos, music and video files and save it in your PS Vita or PS TV.

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PS Vita Firmware 3.35 now available

Posted on October 29, 2014

Sony has just released the latest firmware for the Vita today with the PS Vita Firmware 3.35.

PS Vita Firmware 3.35 now available

We have been expecting the vita firmware 3.35 update for some time now, as Sony has already announced it’s release a few days ago. Although the update is relatively small, it’s the new Live App that’s particularly interesting, as PS Vita and PS Vita TV users can now use the Live App to watch live streams from PS4 users.

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